Just for Fun- IOC Virtual Relay

In the absence of the IOC202O relay and with the hope that you will enjoy a little competition all be it from a distance and sadly without a map, we have decided to run a virtual relay. You run your leg of your relay with your household or on your own, observing social distancing and your own local rules. You submit your time via google form and we collate them to see how your team gets on.

Here are some of the finer details, but all of the information will be submitted via google form which can be found at the bottom of the article.

  • Entry deadline midnight, Friday May 8th. (GMT)
  • Run to take place between 9a.m and midday on Sunday 10th May GMT. (there is an option for changing run time available in the form, by special request , so don’t let that stop you entering!)
  • PLEASE AGREE YOUR TEAM WITH YOUR TEAM MATES PRIOR TO ENTERING- each team member must complete the form themselves so they must have all the team members names.
  • INDIVIDUALS can select random if you want to enter as an individual and be allocated a team.
  • Results must be submitted via google forms before the deadline of 1 pm (GMT) on Sunday 10th May, (please allow for your internet speed!) You will need to submit with a screen shot of your run on Strava or similar app!
  • Rules are laid out on the form, basically the organisers decision is final!   (please be patient if there are hiccups, see next note)
  • Note: This is for fun!
  • So as LVO put it on their social media please enter whether you are a
    • 🐾 Super fast whippet
    • 🐑 Enthusiastic sheep, or
    • 🦔 Leisurely hedgehog

What to do next:

  1. Decide a team with your club members and/or friends. (Your ONE run can count in two teams, one club and/or one mixed )
  2. Or enter as an individual and be randomly allocated a team.
  3. Enter (each team member must fill out the form so we can send you the link to upload results.)
  4. Record your run of 2 km with start and finish at the same place. 
  5. Submit results via google form with evidence as stated above.
  6. The results are collated by Darren and we see how your team gets on!

Of course we would love to see your run via social media, so it would be great if you could take photos and or video or even go live on your social media and tag IOA!

In the words of Michael Lunt, ” just go out and have a good time” (check previous article for reference.)

Oh and here is the link to the entry form.

Debbie Whelan

(IOA communications officer)

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