Juniors in Action during Lockdown

Over the past few months whilst many of us have been adjusting to a revised lifestyle, our creative junior orienteers have been putting their spare time to good use, working on several orienteering projects. Here are a few that have come to our attention.

Orienteering video

Great Eastern Navigators Niamh and her brother Gerry have created this fantastic piece of stop motion cinematography. Over a three week period, using an old mobile phone, the pair took 1217 pictures and used an app called stop motion to create this masterpiece. Their father Eoin shared it on social media where it has received almost 2000 views across the world. The International Orienteering Federation shared it across the orienteering community via twitter.

Junior website

Setanta Orienteers Sadhbh has also been busy creating her own website Map Me Out, with information on all aspects of orienteering including an interview with David Healy.

The website was initiated by Sadhbh’s teacher who set her class a project during their Lockdown School activities, Sadhbh decided to turn the assignment in the direction of orienteering. Irish Orienteering certainly has a future Communications officer in the making.

Video interview

Another Great Eastern Navigator’s family, the Rowe’s, participated in Lockdown Orienteering competition online with competitors from all over the world and sent us their video on how it went.

It’s wonderful to see such creativity amongst our orienteers, I’m sure there are more out there, so please don’t be shy and let me know what you’ve been up to.

Now that orienteering is beginning to return, don’t forget to post your return to O pics on your social media and tag Irish Orienteering so we can share the return to Orienteering.

Stay safe and keep washing your hands.

Debbie Whelan IOA communications

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