Jan Kjellström International Festival of Orienteering 2018 West Midlands 30th March – 2nd April

The selectors are  currently finalising the calendar/ selection policies for the Junior Squad for next year. One of the recommended races is the JK.

The date for the most cost effective entries is fast approaching.

(Junior / Student fees in brackets)

Entries by Sprint Days 2 & 3 (per day) PreO & TempO (per day)
Sunday 17th Dec £15 (£7) £23 (£8) £12 (£5)
Sunday 28th Jan £17 (£8) £25 (£9) £12 (£5)
Sunday 25th Feb £19 (£9) £27 (£10) £12 (£5)

Accommodation is best secured early, and some is recommended on the website.

Some of us are staying here in Cannock itself.

The JK is a fantastic event for families and those interested in exploring wonderful areas of countryside without having to travel too far.

We will be, as usual, entering Junior Relay teams for the Monday.

Happy Running


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