Irish team for Senior Home International

The 2012 Senior Home International is hosted by Scotland next weekend. The relays are being held on the challenging area of Craig a’Barns, familiar to most of the team from the JK individual classic race last April (routegadget here). On Sunday, the individual races are being held on Errochty, described as ‘north facing slope of 40/50 year old woodland with a plethora of rock & subtle contour detail.’ Event website. The Irish team is:

Allan Bogle (NWOC)
Darren Burke (CorkO)
Hugh Cashell (CNOC)
Marcus Pinker (CorkO)
Kieran Rocks (LVO)
Ruairi Short (CNOC)

Eoin McCullough (3Roc)
Josh O’Sullivan-Hourihan (BOC)
Conor Short (CNOC)

Olivia Baxter (LVO)
Rosalind Hussey (DUO)
Regina Kelly (CNOC)
Ciara Largey (FermO)
Ruth Lynam (CNOC)
Toni O’Donovan (CorkO)

Niamh Corbett (CorkO)
Áine McCann (LVO)
Cliona McCullough (3Roc)

Good luck to the team! Of the other teams competing, team England can be seen here. The Welsh and Scottish teams remain a secret :)

(above) Errochty, described as ‘a cracking bit of forest for orienteering. West of the Allt Garth it comprises of natural woodland and mostly pine forest with squiggly contours and in places a plethora of rock features some of which make the underfoot conditions tough going. To the east the area is more standard forestry plantation where the runnability is different but still pleasant, particularly the downhill slaloms. The final part of most courses enter the open farming land adjacent to the River Errochty where the pace of your endeavours shall quicken – unless you get stuck in the marshes.’

Orienteering in Ireland
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