Irish elites at O-ringen in Halland

It is straight to Sweden from Switzerland for two of Ireland’s WOC team. Nicolas Simonin and Hugh Cashell are competing in H21 elite at O-ringen in Halland this week. Conor Short and Colm Moran are running in H20 elite. Nick is coming off a best ever Irish result at WOC (27th in sprint) and Conor from a best ever Irish result at JWOC (25th in middle). The courses in H21 elite consist of the following distances over the 5 days: middle, middle, sprint, long and long with chasing start. There are live results each day.

A quick mention of our juniors who had a fantastic start to the Welsh multi-day event Croeso 2012 – Roisin Long 1st in W16 and Eoin McCullough, Jack Millar and Mark Stephens taking 1-2-3 in M18 on Day 1. Good luck for the rest of the week to all competing!

Orienteering in Ireland
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