Ireland’s men 26th in WOC relay

The Irish men’s team finished 26th in the final event of the World Championships 2012 in Switzerland. There was early excitement as Nicolas Simonin ran a strong first leg, coming to the changeover in 14th position, 1:44 behind the leaders. On second leg, Colm Hill lost time to the group and sent Darren Burke out in 27th. Darren had a steady run to bring the team in 26th. In a close fight for the medals, the Czech Republic took their first ever gold, 6 seconds ahead of Norway and 11 seconds ahead of Sweden. Switzerland won the women’s relay title ahead of Sweden and Norway.

Replay the GPS tracking
Ireland’s WOC history updated, courtesy of WorldOfO – Nick set a new best sprint result with 27th, to tie with the best Irish WOC result ever (Wally Young in the long in Switzerland in 1981).

Darren crossing the line in 26th position

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