• Start lists and control descriptions for both individual races can be found on the website
  • There will be a bus transfer to all races. See for the locations of the parking areas and, to see which bus you should get. It is important that all competitors get the correct bus.
  • Buses are scheduled to give everybody at least 20 minutes to get to their start.
  • There will be no string course or entry-on-the-day courses.
  • Depending weather conditions, cagoules and/or whistles may be compulsory or advised. If, so a notice will be put up at the parking.
  • The Middle Distance and Relay races are being hosted on land that is used for forestry and peat harvesting. As such, there are some pieces of equipment lying around. Competitors are not to touch any of this equipment.

Parking Fees

  • The landowners have requested a voluntary parking fee of €5 for the 3 days, the moneys to be collected to go towards local sports and community activities

Day 1, Middle Distance Championships

  • Parking is at Glengowla Mines
  • The start is 600m from the bus stop, most of it along a hardcore track on level ground
  • The finish is near the start.
  • Toilets will be available at the bus stop as will a tent where competitors can leave gear.
  • There is a wooden bridge across a stream and a fence with stile to be crossed on the way to the start. Please take care crossing both obstacles
  • Please note correction: Control Description 45 is (between 3m boulders)

Day 2 Long Distance Championships

  • Parking will be at Corribdale Park, Oughterard
  • The start is 450m with 20m climb from the bus stop/assembly, most of it along a quiet public road. Please watch out for traffic.
  • The finish is approximately 500m from assembly, with an up-hill gravel road in between.
  • The map is bisected by a river. This is marked on the map as uncrossable over most of its length, with only the upper section crossable. Competitors must use one of two bridges when crossing the lower section. Competitors on longer courses cross back at the upper section. Please cross here with care.


  • The start is 480m with 40m climb from the bus stop, all of it along a hardcore forest track
  • It is the club representative’s responsibility to make sure all team members read this information sheet.
  • Team registration forms can be collected by the club representative on Saturday or Sunday from the motorhome at assembly. All of the registration forms will be in a single envelope for each club. The completed forms have to be returned to the motorhome no later than 4.00PM on Sunday when the team bibs will be issued. No registrations or changes to team members will be accepted after that time.

Approximate Lap Lengths

in Km (Short/Medium/Long)

Bib Numbers
Junior 36 1.5/1.5/2.0 101, 102…
Junior 48 2.0/2.5/2.5 201, 202…
Handicap 18 2.5/2.5/3.4 301, 302…
Handicap 12 2.6/3.4/4.1 401, 402…
Handicap 6 3.2/4.1/5.0 501, 502…
Women’s Premier 4.0/4.0/4.0 601, 602…
Open Premier 5.0/5.0/5.0 701, 702…
  • Junior and Handicap courses have laps of different length and the lap running order varies between teams, so please take care when assigning runners to laps.
  • Bib numbers are coloured as follows:
  • Lap 1: Green
  • Lap 2: White
  • Lap 3: Red
  • Your team must run in the order that you declared on the registration form.
  • Bib numbers must be highly visible and not covered by other items of clothing. If the weather is bad you may be required to wear a rain jacket so please come prepared. Remember that your bib must remain visible even if you are wearing a jacket.
  • Important: Each runner will be allocated a SPORTident card. You will receive this card as you enter the start pen – it will be attached to the outside of your map bag. You must use this card – personal SPORTident cards are not permitted. When detaching your SPORTident card from your map bag do not rip or open the brown bag.
  • The start pen will open at 09:30. First lap runners (Green numbers) must be in the pen before 09:45. After you enter the start pen you must clear and check your SPORTident card. Please leave ample time to attach your SPORTident card to your wrist.
  • Once you have entered the start pen you cannot leave – the only exit is to start your course.
  • Maps will be bagged and sealed – do not break the bag seal until after you start. All maps are A4 landscape printed on waterproof paper. Symbolic control descriptions are printed on the front of the maps for all courses except the shortest junior course which has text control descriptions. There will be no loose control descriptions available at the event.
  • Mass start will be at 10AM.
  • The run-in/handover will be demonstrated just before the mass start.
  • The start triangle is approximately 100m from the mass start location along a forest road. It will be visible from the mass start location.
  • There will be some radio controls and a commentary system and we hope to announce most incoming runners; however, it is your team’s responsibility to be ready for the handover. DO NOT depend on hearing announcements.
  • Runners must make physical contact on handover otherwise your team will be disqualified. After handover the incoming runner should immediately punch the finish control, place their map in their club bag and promptly go to the download in the motorhome.
  • In the event of a head-to-head sprint finish it is the first runner to cross the finish line that wins.
  • Mini mass-starts will be arranged at the organiser’s discretion. It is your responsibility to be in the vicinity of the start so that you can hear the mini mass-starts being announced. Mini mass-starters will punch a SPORTIdent start unit.
  • Map reclaim will be immediately after the last mini mass-
  • First Aid will be available in the assembly area
  • Toilets will be available at the bus stop.
  • This event takes place on private land part of which is a sheep farm. Dogs are not permitted in the parking, assembly and competition areas, even if they are on a leash. Please respect this – we are entirely reliant on the continued goodwill of the local farming community and the landowners.


Assembly Area & Spectator Control

The assembly/spectator area is in a gravel pit bounded by a fence – any competitor seen outside of this area risks disqualification. The outside of the highest corner on the fence is also the second last control on all courses and is effectively the start of the run-in – you are encouraged to be at this spectator point to motivate your clubmates. This is also a good spectator location to view the final part of most courses and to view the longer courses on the open mountainside. The final legs of each lap are very visible and photography is encouraged. If you are uploading photos to social media and photo sharing accounts please tag them as Irish Orienteering Championships 2017.




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