Irish Orienteering Association

Irish Orienteering Association – General Information


Irish Orienteering Association, c/o 58 Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9, Ireland.


General Enquiries

Executive Officers

These are the Executive Officers as elected at 2021 AGM.
Most decisions are taken by email exchanges among the committee members, but we also meet via a 247meeting conference call  or Zoom call about six times a year.

  • Executive Chairperson:  Mary O’Connell email: chairperson (at)
  • Vice Chairperson:  John McCullough email: vicechairperson (at)
  • Honorary Secretary: Fergal Buckley, Tel. 086-3306932, email: secretary (at)
  • Honorary Treasurer: Sarah Ni Ruairc, email: treasurer (at)
  • Education Officer: Eoin Browne, email: coaching (at)
  • Communications Officer: Debbie Whelan email: comms (at)
  • Controller of Technical Standards: Paul O’Sullivan-Hourihan email: technical (at)
  • Development Officer: Andrew Cox, email: development (at)
  • High Performance Manager: Darren Burke, email: elite (at)
  • Junior Affairs Officer: vacant, email: juniorrep (at)
  • Mapping Registrar: Stuart Scott, email: mapping (at)
  • National Children’s Officer: Ciaran Donaghy, childrensofficer (at)

Non-Executive Officers

  • National Designated Liaison: Barbara Foley-Fisher, email: childprotection (at)
  • Data Protection Liaison: Colm Hill, dataliaison (at)
  • Fixtures Officer: Fergal Buckley, email: fixtures (at)
  • Anti-Doping Officer: Rob McEvoy, email: antidoping (at)

Irish Orienteering Association – General Information