IOA Development Officer Initiative

Earlier this year, Sport Ireland provided additional funding to the IOA to fund development work to increase participation and awareness of orienteering. As part of this initiative, Anton Hallor and Eileen Young are currently undertaking development work for the IOA in the Leinster region. The intention is to work with the Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs), further develop the Ready to Go programme for schools and to provide assistance to clubs in promoting events and welcoming newcomers. The objective of this initiative is to build on the work done by our unsung heroes, club volunteers, to increase the number of people orienteering regularly and joining our clubs and also continue the hard work of Andrew Cox who works in this capacity as a volunteer in the South East and beyond.

Introducing or reintroducing, Eileen Young !

Irish Championships 2019

Most regular Irish orienteers will know Eileen (Fingal Orienteers) who has been involved in orienteering in Ireland for many years. Eileen originally started orienteering as a university student and has won many Irish titles. More recently, she has trained as a coach and undertaken development work both in her own venture Orienteering Coaching Fingal and as part of the Ready to Go programme funded by the dormant accounts fund through Sport Ireland. Eileen is continuing her coaching training as she works towards the Coach Developer award. She has continued this work for the IOA development position forging and consolidating links in the Leinster region through schools orienteering and Sports partnerships whilst also assisting with Schools events across the country. Eileen’s passion is to assist beginners with their first foray into the sport, encouraging and developing young people in developing new skills and independence.

Introducing Anton Hallor

Irish Championships 2019

Anton has been involved in training the elite squad and more recently moved to Ireland to assist with development work. We asked him for a few words about himself for those of you who haven’t met him yet.

My name is Anton Hallor I am 27 years old, I am a professional trainer and orienteering developer from Sweden. I have orienteered since I could walk and I was privileged to be part of a club that trained me to become technically skilled at an early age. I was selected through a National selection process to attend an orienteering school when I was 15 and graduated three years later with a deep passion for training and orienteering. I felt the occupation was for me and decided to continue my education with a Bachelor degree in sports and science. During my time at Örebro University, apart from the research, study and exams, I worked part time as a test leader for a sport science project and as an assistant professor, teaching orienteering for the university.  Following my graduation I have been working with development of athletes in both running, skiing and orienteering on international levels in different locations and countries. I flew straight from Australia to this assignment with the IOA having coached cross country ski athletes in Falls Creek during the Irish Summer.

I believe I have an understanding of Irish orienteering having got to know a lot of Irish runners during my trips back and forth to Ireland over the past year. I feel very honoured to take on this role as a Development Officer for IOA. I like to plan for future progression, with detailed preparation. My knowledge of the sport and experience from a former elite career, orienteering in 15 different countries and on four different continents helps me to have an understanding of the path Ireland should follow. My understanding and experience of different terrains and maps is also essential to becoming a really good orienteer, I consider this  knowledge helpful when organising camps for both senior and junior squads.

My goal is to bring more people into the sport, make sure the ones who are already in it remain and develop those who wish to develop with training for performance. I am one month into the job and it’s very easy to work with the Irish orienteers . Everyone is incredibly helpful here and I would like to give back by helping to create a bigger and more developed community. If anyone would like to contact me, you can email me at:

Anton Hallor




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