2016 Champions

Conor Short, CNOC

Niamh O’Boyle, CNOC

(see Who can be Irish Champion at the bottom of this page)

[tabs style=”default” title=”Class Winners”] [tab title=”Men’s Long “]

M10 Gerry Browne, GEN
M12 Ben Cairns, LVO
M14 Peter Reed, LVO
M16 Eoin Riordan, 3ROC (Nuala Creagh Trophy)
M18 Conall Whelan, CNOC (Lynam Trophy)
M20 Frazer Howe, LVO
M21L Kevin O’Riordan, Setanta
M21E Conor Short, CNOC
M35 Mick Farrell, CNOC
M40 Brendan McCarthy, DFO
M45 Bill Edwards, CorkO
M50 Robin Bryson, FermO
M55 Brian Corbett, CorkO
M60 Val Jones, Fingal
M65 Wilbert Hollinger, LVO
M70 Bernard Creedon, CorkO

[/tab][tab title=”Women’s Long “]

W10 Sadhbh Hassett, Setanta
W12 Sinead Young, Fingal
W14 Cliodhna Donaghy, GEN (Cliona Callanan Trophy)
W16 Clodagh Moran, 3ROC (Nuala Creagh Trophy)
W18 Emer Perkins, BOC (Lee O Trophy)
W20 Caoimhe O’ Boyle, CNOC
W21E Niamh O’Boyle ,CNOC
 W21L Mariia Magina, CNOC
W35 Claire O’Brien, CorkO
W40 Brid Casey, WATO
W45 Una May, 3ROC
W50 Heather Cairns, LVO (Colin Dunlop Trophy)
W55 Bernie O’ Boyle, CNOC
W60 Ann Savage, LVO
W65 Teresa Finlay, FermO
W70 Maura Higgins, Setanta

[/tab][tab title=”Men’s Sprint “]

M10 Oisin May, 3Roc 
M12  Emmet O’Cleirigh, AJAX
M14  Liam Cotter, BOC
M16  Dan O’Connell, CorkO
M18  Ruairi Long, AJAX
M20  Jonathan Quinn, GEN
M21L   Seamus O’Boyle, CNOC
M35  Mick Farrell, CNOC
M40  Declan McGrellis, LVO
M45  Angus Tyner, Setanta
M50  Colm O’Halloran, CorkO
M55  Aonghus O’Cleirigh, AJAX
M60  Liam O’Brien, CorkO
M65  Wilbert Hollinger, LVO
M70  Ted Feehan, CorkO

[/tab][tab title=”Women’s Sprint “]

W10 Eimear Casey, WATO
W12  Zane Kramina, CorkO
W14  Caoimhe May, 3Roc
W16  Rachel Collins, LVO
 W18  Emer Perkins, BOC
W20  Caoimhe O’Boyle, CNOC
W21L  Niamh O’Boyle, CNOC
 W35 Sarah Ni Ruaric, Fingal
W40  Brid Casey, WATO
W45  Eileen Young, Fingal
W50  Heather Wood, GEN
W55  Bernie O’Boyle, CNOC
W60  Barbara Foley-Fisher, MNAV
 W65  Teresa Finlay, FermO
W70  Clare Nuttall, CorkO

[/tab][tab title=”Men’s Middle”]

M10 Oisin May, 3Roc
M12 Emmet O’Cleirigh, AJAX
M14 Peter Reed, LVO
M16 Cian May, 3Roc
M18 Conall Whelan, CNOC
M20 Jonathan Quinn, GEN
M21E Conor Short, CNOC
M35 Brian Corbett, CorkO
M40 John Chandler, CorkO
M45 Brendan O’Brien, KerryO
M50 Colm O’Halloran, CorkO
M55 Aonghus O’Cleirigh, AJAX
M60 Val Jones, Fingal
M65 Wilbert Hollinger, LVO
M70 Ted Feehan, CorkO
M80  Frank Martindale, 3Roc

[/tab][tab title=”Women’s Middle”]

W10 Sadhbh Hassett, Setanta
W12 Sinead Young, Fingal
W14 Aoife O’Sullivan, BOC
W16 Rachel Collins, LVO
W18 Eadaoin McCavana, GEN
W20 Caoimhe O’Boyle, CNOC
W21E Niamh O’Boyle, CNOC
W35 Karen Devenney, Setanta
W40 Colleen Robinson, Setanta
W45 Una May, 3Roc
W50 Heather Cairns, LVO
W55 Elizabeth Deane, CorkO
W60 Ann Savage, LVO
W65 Teresa Finlay, FermO
W70 Trina Cleary, 3Roc



[tabs style=”default” title=”Irish Relay Championships”] [tab title=”Open Premier”]


We once were young (CORKO) 105:14
 Darren Burke 32:30
 Marcus Pinker 35:35
 Shane Lynch 37:09


[/tab][tab title=”Womens Premier”]


The Mighty CNOCs 118.37
Caoimhe O’Boyle 37.06
Ruth Lynam 45.05
Niamh O’Boyle 36.26


[/tab][tab title=”Handicap 6″]

3ROC6 (3ROC)                106:27
Andrew Quin 31:28
John McCullough 42:20
Eoin McCullough 32:39

[/tab][tab title=”Handicap 12″]

AJAX Cleanup Crew (AJAX) 105:30
Roisin Long 31:31
Marcus Geogeghan 34:01
Aonghus O’Cleirigh 39:58

[/tab][tab title=”Handicap 18″]

LVO Lagan’s Dragons (LVO) 97:24
Richard Matthews 28:18
Billy Reed 32:27
Wilbert Hollinger 36:39

[/tab][tab title=”Junior 48″]

Stars from the east (CORKO) 65:3
Frank O’Brien 13:56
Cathal Lane 26:02
Dan McDonnell 25:05

[/tab][tab title=”Junior 36″]

milliRoentGEN (GEN) 52:53
Sam van Gelderen 20:19
Gerry Browne 20:02
Hans van Gelderen 12:32




Who can be Irish Champion ?

From the IOA Rules of Orienteering…

R2.4.2      The requirements to be classed as an Irish Champion (M21E and W21E classes for Middle and Long Distance Championships, and M21 and W21 classes for Sprint Championships), or  Irish Class Winner (for all other full length classes) are:-

(A) they are an individual, family or group member of an IOA or NIOA affiliated club,


(B) they meet either of the following conditions:-

(i) they qualify for Irish citizenship through birth, descent, naturalisation, or marriage in   accordance with the Nationality and Citizenship Acts 1956 to 2004,


(ii) they have been present on the island of Ireland for at least six out of the twelve months immediately preceding the Championship event.


Orienteering in Ireland
Orienteering Ireland, Irish Sport HQ, Blanchardstown
D15 DY62, Ireland