Happy New Year!!!

The international season for 2012 is over, with the Squad having competed at EOC, WC Races, WOC and the SHI. It is therefore time to look towards 2013.

Next year WOC is in Finland from July 6th – 14th. And the World Cup schedule is as follows:

Round 1 – New Zealand (January)

Round 2 – Nordic Tour (start of June)

Round 3 – WOC (July)

Round 4 – Switzerland (start of October)

Are there any other suggestions as to where the squad should be competing in 2013?

My suggestion is that we send a team to Euromeeting in Scotland which is taking place at the same time as the Scottish 6 Day. This would also be a WOC2015 training camp.

Having been at the WOC2013 training camp recently, with Ruairi and Conor Short, we learnt a few things regarding the area, terrain knowledge being one thing, but for the purposes of this email, travel logistics is something that will take a bit of effort in sorting. Vuokatti is a long journey from Helsinki. Rumour has it that the JK terrain might not be too good, so is there interest in maybe a WOC training camp in Finland?

A Squad calendar for next year also needs to be sorted, so I am looking for suggestions as to what should go on the calendar. Also input on possible training weekends would be welcomed (anyone like to volunteer to host one?), we’ve had excellent weekends in 2012, so more of the same in 2013 would definitely be of benefit to the squad. The calendar will also help determine where the budget will go, so input from the squad is therefore important.

Please let me know if there is anything else that needs to be addressed for 2013.

Darren Burke

Director of High Performance Orienteering

Irish Orienteering Association

Orienteering in Ireland
Orienteering Ireland, Irish Sport HQ, Blanchardstown
D15 DY62, Ireland