Purchasing Orienteering Equipment

When you begin orienteering, you will not need any special equipment.  Hillwalking or running gear will be suitable.  As you progress, you may find some specialised clothing or equipment useful.  These can be hard to find so the following should give you some ideas as to what equipment may be useful and where you can purchase it.


Pat Healy:, Map Masters & Cut Bush Sports, Curragh, Co Kildare sells the following:

  • Orienteering Shoes- VJ Falcon and Integrator Gaiters
  • Orienteering Compasses: Silva and Moscow
  • Control Flags, Coded Punches, Control cards
  • Mapping and Survey work.
  • OCAD Instruction.

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Night-O Supplies

  • Slva head torches, batteries and battery carriers can be purchased from Compasspoint. The classic torch has 10W/20W halogen bulbs and a big reflector. They emit approx. 250 lumens with a reasonably broad spread (which is generally a good thing). They also produce LED torches with approx 600 lumens or more but these are very expensive.
  • Mila head torches etc. can be purchased from Ultrasport. These are similar to the Silva design and prices. They also produce a 1500 lumen torch - ouch!
  • Magicshine LED head torches are a cheaper alternative.  Amongst other places, you can get one that is suitable for Night-O from Dealextreme. Dealextreme and others sell accessories that can make the light suitable for MTB and Night-O. The basic model claims to be 900 lumens but is more likely approx 600. It also has a narrower beam pattern than the specialised Night-O torches which can be a disadvantage.
  • There are also many lower-power torches available.  For example, the Ultrafire LED head torch is available on ebay (example). At approx €25 it is the cheapest torch that gives adequate light for Night-O. It is well worth while having this head torch for general use. It uses AA batteries and produces approx 200 lumens but they only last approx. 1.5 hours on full power. Its beam pattern is quite narrow which is good for sweep searching but gives bad peripheral vision.


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