Tramore Sandhills/Old Racecourse

Date Sunday, 13/11/2022
Venue Tramore Sandhills/Old Racecourse
Address Tramore, Co.Waterford
Event Format Munster Championships
Club Website SEVO
Start Times 11:30 - 13:00
Grid reference S 59502 01048
Latitude/Longitude 52.158391, -7.1311650
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Adults: €15 / person
Children: €7 / child
Student: €10 / student
Unwaged: €10 / person
OAP: €10 / person
Family Discount: €32 (Maximum of 2 Adults and no more than 5 family members / family)

Summary Mixture of dunes and open wetland

The 2022 Munster Championships, hosted by SEVO (South East Viking orienteering club), will be held on Sunday November 13th at Tramore Burrows, County Waterford (grid reference S592011).

Planner: Robert Pim

Controller: John Casey

Organiser: Andrew Cox


There are 3 parts to the map: the Lark Park, the low wetlands and the sand dunes. The shorter and less technical courses will not reach the sand dune area. The more technical courses will not visit the Lark Park.

The map has ben updated October 2022. All courses will be printed on waterproof paper. Due to the shape of the area, the longer courses will be on A3. The scale will be 1 to 5000 or 7500

Please do not visit the sand dunes prior to the event the spirit of fairness.

Courses (note updated combinations 6th October)

Course 1



Course 2

M18 M20


Course 3


W18, W20, W35

Course 4

M35, M40


Course 5

M50, M45


Course 6

M55, M60, M21S

W16, W40

Course 7


W45, W50,W21S

Course 8


W55,W60, W65

Course 9

M75, M80, M85

W70, W75, W80, W45S

Course 10



Course 11



Course 12




Courses may be combined depending on entry levels.

Course lengths will be available closer to the time


Entry fees

Adult €15; Junior €7; OAP, Student, Unwaged €10; Family €32

Parking and toilets adjacent to registration/assembly.


Via Orienteering Ireland website. Will open early next week.

Closing date for entries will be November 7th at 18.00

More details to follow…..


Difficulty rating 3/10 Paths/parkland with some off-path (forest/deep grass)

Enter online on

Entries open on 12/09/2022 @ 11:00 AM
Entries End 08/11/2022 @ 23:00 PM

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