Date Sunday, 14/04/2024
Venue Oakwood
Address Wicklow Gap, Co.Wicklow
League Leinster League
Club Website SET
Start Times 10:30 - 13:00
Signposted From R756 Wicklow Gap road
Grid reference O 036 022
Latitude/Longitude 53.0604220015812, -6.45447695410263
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Adults: €8 / person
Children: €5 / child
Student: €5 / student
Unwaged: €5 / person
OAP: €5 / person
Family Discount: €20 (Maximum of 2 Adults and no more than 6 family members / family)

Summary Mainly open mountain with good rock and contour detail. The shorter courses are in a detailed area of woodland, with lots of line features and good runnability.

The event will be mainly based in Glanakeera Brook valley, with shorter courses in Oakwood forest. There will be separate starts and finishes for both. Upper start for Brown, Blue, Green, Light Green and Red. Lower start for Short Green, Orange and Yellow.

See Event location map for further clarification for access, registration, starts, finishes and download.

Please pre-enter if possible - and to be sure of a waterproof map; there may be entry on the day at a higher fee and with a bagged map. Online entries close on Friday 12th April.

Registration and download for all courses will be approximately 2km in from the public road. Competitors are advised to bring a whistle in case of emergency, and cagoules may be required depending upon weather conditions on the day.

Sportident timing will be used with contactless punching enabled apart from start and finish. 

Indicative course details for the longer courses – Upper Start (length and climb to be confirmed):

Brown 8.8 km/375m climb 18 Controls 1:10000 technical and very physical

Blue 5.5 km/275m 14  Controls 1:10000 technical and physical

Green 4.3 km/215m 12 Controls 1:7500 technical and physical

Light Green 2.9 km/95m 8 Controls 1:7500 less technical and physical than the above courses Fully on open mountain.

Red 3.9 km/90m 16 Controls 1:10000 Note: Red course will start at Upper Start and finish at Lower finish. If you are on the Red course, please do not drive to the Upper start, get a lift. The organisers will assist with this. You will then have your car accessible to you at the finish.

The start and finish for these courses will be approximately 1.8km further up the forest road. Competitors will be able to drive to a parking area near by. But please remember to stop and download at the registration area before leaving. Start times as normal, 11:00 to 13:00. Courses closes 15:00. The Yellow and Orange courses have two controls beside the access road. Please be careful of young runners when you are driving from main road to registration.

Indicative course details  for the shorter courses – Lower Start: All courses in woodland.

Short Green 2.8 km/105m 13 Controls 1:5000 More technical, much less physically demanding than Green or Light green.

Orange 1.8 km/70m 13 Controls 1:5000 Juniors with a little experience.

Yellow 1.5 km/45m 12 Controls 1:5000 Young Juniors or first time juniors

The start and finish for these courses will be approximately 0.4km from the registration area. Start times will be between 10:30 and 12:00; course closes at 13:30.

None of the courses are buggy-friendly.

Orienteering is an adventure sport and involves crossing rough terrain and uneven surfaces. You take part in this activity at your own risk.

Difficulty rating 7/10 Open mountain only, no paths

Enter online on

Entries open on 07/04/2024 @ 11:00 AM
Entries End 12/04/2024 @ 12:59 PM

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