Glenabo, Coolroe, Knockananig Woods

Date Sunday, 07/11/2021
Venue Glenabo, Coolroe, Knockananig Woods
Address Fermoy, Co.Cork
Event Format Munster Championships
Club Website BOC
Start Times 11:00 - 13:00
Signposted From Junction of R639 (old Cork-Dublin road) and L5770 (passing Corrin hill wood entrance). (52.1081N, -8.2726E)
Grid reference W 781 962
Latitude/Longitude 52.1178, -8.3211
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Adults: €12 / personChildren: €7 / childStudent: €7 / studentFamily Discount: €31 (Maximum of 2 Adults and no more than 5 family members / family)


Event Website MOC2021

The latest start list is updated daily at the following link Start List

All competitors will get a default "middle" start time. For other preferences like Early, Late and Split starts, please email "" after entering.

Some information like the competitor's club will be pulled from the SI archive. Please ensure that the information in this is up to date (particularly those who purchased a SIAC recently) SI Archive

Course  Len  Climb  Ctrls   Classes                                             Scale
1           13.0     420      30     M21E                                             1:15000
2           8.0       270      20      M18, M20, W21E                          1:15000
3           5.5       195      17      W18, W20                                     1:15000
4           7.5       245      21      M35, M40, M45, M21L                 1:10000
5           6.7       230      16      M50                                              1:10000
6           5.5       195       18      M16, W35, W21L                         1:10000
7           4.9       160      14       M55, M60, W16, W40                  1:10000
8           4.4       155      13       M65, W45, W50                           1:10000
9           3.7       130      12       M70, W55, W60, W65, M21S      1:10000
10         2.9         70       10       M75, M80, W70, W21S               1:10000
11         1.8       40         8        W75, W80                                    1:10000
12         3.4       110       10      M14, W14, L Green                     1:10000
13         2.5       40        8        M12, W12                                     1:10000
14         2.0       35         7       M10, W10, Yellow                         1:10000

All controls except the Start and Finish will be SIAC enabled.
SIs are available for hire but they are NOT SIACs

Parking will be along a forest road in Knockananig wood. It is about 5 minutes from J15 (toll €1.90) on the M8 but may also be accessed from other junctions North or South of the tolled section.

Assembly and Download will be located at the start of parking by the entrance to Knockananig Wood.
Start 1 will be at the far end of parking away from assembly in Knockananig Wood (900m from registration but maybe 400m from end of parking).
Start 2 will be located in Glenabo wood. The walk to Start 2 from assembly will be 1.8 km along a very quiet public road.
The finish for the medium and long courses (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,12) will be located in a field adjacent to assembly. The finish for the short courses (10,11,13,14) with be located close to their start (at the far end of parking)

There have been orienteering maps of the various woods going back several decades. All of the competition area has been remapped to ISOM2017-2 using GPS. 50% of the area is covered by LIDAR and the remaining contours were derived from photogrammetry with significant alterations using a barometric altimeter.
All Maps are A4 size and will be printed on 125g photo paper using the club inkjet printer and will be bagged.

Difficulty rating Paths through mostly runnable forest with some rough parts

Enter online on

Entries open on 17/10/2021 @ 15:00 PM
Entries End 31/10/2021 @ 23:59 PM
Participants limit 204
Remaining Entries 63

Results from previous events held near here

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