Ballincollig Regional Park

Kilworth Ranges

The terrain is made up of exposed open moorland surrounding Kilworth army camp, interspersed with many networks of earth walls, gullies & depressions. The terrain ranges from sheep cropped pasture, rough open fields, gorse & tussocky moorland. There are some wet areas of bog on some of the longer courses but even after all the rain, the going is still fast with good visibility.

Pine Forest, Tibradden

Largely runnable forest with a good network of paths and tracks, on a revised map. Experience real forest and mountain terrain despite being close to the city.


Open undulating grassland, with generous coating of gorse bushes to navigate around.

Bushy Park

Vale of Clara

The Vale of Clara Nature Reserve contains one of the largest stands of semi-natural native hardwoods in the country. The area has many paths and is rich in rock and contour detail. The nature reserve is bisected by a tributary of the Avonmore river. The stream has a steep slope on the southern side. The terrain and path network give many route-choice options. Runability underfoot in ‘white’ forest is generally fast. In places, bilberry bushes can impede running speed. Where running speed is significantly impacted by bilberry growth the ‘undergrowth – slow running’ screen is used to indicate this. Where bilberry growth is particularly dense the ‘undergrowth – walk’ screen is used. There are virtually no brambles in the forest.

Cavan Burren

2019 IOC Long distance location
This is very mixed and complex terrain. The underlying geology is limestone which typically produces interesting contour detail, depression features, crags, pits/caves and in places bare rock (limestone pavement). On top of this the ice age left innumerable sandstone boulders.
Pre-Entry is open at Si Entries.
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St Anne’s Park

St Anne’s Park

Purple Pen Training

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