IOA Fixtures Information

NOTE: NIOA fixtures information is available at

This webpage is maintained by the IOA Fixtures Officer, Fergal Buckley. It is intended as a central location for all fixtures information and resources, especially material relevant to club officials involved in the registering of events. If you’ve any queries on anything on this page, or on anything missing that you feel should be included, please drop me an email at fixtures(at)!

Registration of Fixtures

Below you’ll find the current form for registering events with the IOA, and accompanying explanatory material. Currently clubs must fill out a paper copy of this form for each event being registered and post them to me at my address below, along with a cheque mage payable to the Irish Orienteering Association for the appropriate total amount. This will shortly change with the introduction of an online registration and payments system which will become the only accepted way to register events. More information on this will follow in due course.

IOA Event Registration Form
Schedule of Event Registration Fees

Fixtures Lists

Online Fixtures List

See the current up-to-date fixtures list at

Archive Fixtures Listings

Since September 1998, yearly fixtures listings have been maintained in the electronic format used to upload them to the live web-based fixtures page. The current entire archive from September 1998 to December 2018 is here.

Earlier historical fixtures listings available to me are listed below, in pdf format. If anyone has an electronic or paper copy of fixtures covering a period not available here, please contact me! I’m eager to create as close to a comprehensive archive of all events held in Ireland since the beginnings of orienteering here as possible!!

Contact Details

Fergal Buckley,
IOA Fixtures Officer

Email: fixtures (at) orienteering (dot) ie
Tel: 086 3306932