EYOC 2015 – Caoimhe Sets High Standards

The European Youth Orienteering Championships 2015 took place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from the 25th of June until the 28th of June.

Ireland sent a strong squad of 8 athletes to participate:

M16: Ruairí Long (AJAX)
M18: Conall Whelan (CNOC), Robert Pim (WatO), Zach Harrington (BOC)
W16: Eadaoin McCavana (GEN), Emer Perkins (BOC)
W18: Caoimhe O’Boyle (CNOC), Méabh Perkins (BOC)

With mixed results, Ireland came home with two top 40 individual results, as well as a 41st place, and a top 20 relay result.

Caoimhe O’Boyle stole the show, finishing 20th & 26th in the Sprint and Long respectively, as well as coming back on first leg of the W18 relay in 4th place.
Méabh Perkins also had a great result in the sprint coming in 41st, only 37secs behind Caoimhe, which shows how tough the competition is, and every second counts with such tight results.

Overview of results:


M16: 1) Nicola Muller (SUI) 10:27
79) Ruairí Long (IRL) 14:13

M18: 1) Olli Ojanaho (FIN) 11:49
76) Zach Harrington (IRL) 14:24
95) Robert Pim (IRL) 15:42
103) Conall Whelan (IRL) 18:44

W16: 1) Tereza Janosikova (CZE) 10:14
73) Eadaoin McCavana (IRL) 14:35
84) Emer Perkins (IRL) 16:57

W18: 1) Valerie Aebischer (SUI) 10:07
20) Coimhe O’Boyle (IRL) 11:21
41) Méabh Perkins (IRL) 11:58


M16: 1) Guilhem Elias (FRA) 47:16
70) Ruairi Long (IRL) 71:53

M18: 1) Olli Ojanaho (FIN) 47:27
93) Conall Whelan (IRL) 81:27
95) Zach Harrington (IRL) 82:22
103) Robert Pim (IRL) 112:31

W16: 1) Tereza Janosikova (CZE) 38:49
72) Eadaoin McCavana (IRL) 74:30
80) Emer Perkins (IRL) 85:02

W18: 1) Amanda Berggren (SWE) 51;24
26) Caoimhe O’Boyle (IRL) 58:42
57) Méabh Perkins (IRL) 73:41


M18: 1) Sweden- Jesper Svensk, Anton Forsberg, Isac von Krusenstierna – 92:17
25) Ireland- Conall Whelan, Robert Pim, Zach Harrington – 158:46

W18: 1) Czech Republic- Klara Novotna, Barbora Vyhnalkova, Tereza Cechova  – 98:32
17) Ireland- Caoimhe O’Boyle, Méabh Perkins, Emer Perkins – 127:17


For more, check out: http://eyoc2015.orienteering.ro/

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