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Sunday’s Relay wa sback to the North end of the previous day’s Long distance area, meaning fast running and intricate contour detail was likely again. Fast times were shown again by the top nations, with Russia, Finland, Czech Republic and Sweden all taking Golds. The Irish had mixed races, with the W18 team of Róisín Long, Aoife McCavana and Niamh Corbett finishing in 21st place in a time of 1:54:47. The M18 team of Paul Pruzina, Niall McCarthy and Jonathan Quinn finished in 23rd place in a time of 2:23:18.

Well done to the team! And we look forward to next year’s championships, EYOC 2014, in Macedonia!

Relay results:

1st RUS 1:18:59
2nd FIN 1:20:54
3rd SUI 1:23:15

1st FIN 1:30:03
2nd NOR 1:31:20
3rd SUI 1:33:25
23rd IRL 2:23:18

1st CZE 1:19:27
2nd HUN 1:24:55
3rd DEN 1:26:52

1st SWE 1:20:14
2nd SUI 1:20:34
3rd RUS 1:25:55
21st IRL 1:54:47

Full results:

Saturday’s Long distance proved very fast with quick winning times and technical terrain. 3 of the Sprint Gold medalists showed their class and were able to repeat their previous performance, keeping their hopes of the possible triple gold alive. The Irish athletes found the terrain difficult, and the technicality of the area proved to get the better of some. Paul Pruzina (LVO) handled the trick sand dunes best of the Irish finishing  a respectable 53rd, a little over 11mins from the podium in the M16 class. Aoife McCavana (GEN) was the best woman coming in 65th, 14mins of the W18 podium.
We are still waiting for official results from the relay.


Long Distance Results:

1st Josefine Lind (DEN) 35:23
2nd Dorothea Muller (GER) 36:13
3rd Barbora Vyhnálková (CZE) 38:38
74th Caoimhe O’Boyle (IRL) 1:07:12

1st Olli Ojanaho (FIN) 37:24
2nd Aleksandr Pavlenko (RUS) 39:37
3rd Joey Hadorn (SUI) 40:06
53rd Paul Pruzina (IRL) 52:29
82nd Peter Meehan (IRL) 1:07:11

1st Sara Hagstrom (SWE) 43:18
2nd Johanna Oberg (SWE) 43:20
3rd Anna Haataja (FIN) 43:54
64th Aoife McCavana (IRL) 59:27
78th Niamh Corbett (IRL) 1:03:47
81st Róisín Long (IRL) 1:05:22

1st Tobia Pezzati (SUI) 46:26
2nd Krzysztof Wolowczyk (POL) 47:03
3rd Algirdas Bartkevicius (LTU) 47:18
79th Niall McCarthy (IRL) 1:03:01
81st Jonathan Quinn (IRL) 1:03:14

Start-times for the Long:

10:29 Aoife McCavana W18
11:13 Róisín Long W18
11:14 Paul Pruzina M16
11:15 Caoimhe O’Boyle W16
11:20 Niall McCarthy M18
11:59 Niamh Corbett W18
12:04 Peter Meehan M16
12:26 Jonathan Quinn M18

Today saw Ireland’s EYOC competitors challenged by the tight streets of the medieval town of Óbidos. Switzerland dominated the sprint race with top 5 places in every class, including 2 golds, a silver and a bronze. The Irish had mixed results with some of the older more experienced athletes producing the best results. Niall McCarthy of BOC had a great race and finished as the best Irish in 29th, only 1:24mins behind the Swiss winner Tobia Pezzati, in the M18 class. Róisín Long of Ajax was the best Irish female finishing in 47th place in the highly competitive W18 class which saw all 3 Irish girls separated by over 20 places, with only just over a minute between their times.

We are still waiting on start times for tomorrow’s Long disatance, where the juniors will be racing on forested sand dunes which should be fast with good visibility and a good path network. Best of luck team!

Sprint Results:
1st Simona Aebersold  (SUI) 12:27
2nd Dorothea Muller (GER) 12:44
3rd Sonja Borner (SUI) 12:46
60th Caoimhe O’Boyle (IRL) 16:23

M16:1st Olli Ojanaho (FIN) 11:05
2nd Florian Attinger (SUI) 11:39
3rd  Aleksandr Pavlenko (RUS) 11:42
67th Paul Pruzina (IRL) 15:14
72nd Peter Meehan (IRL) 16:07

1st Sara Hagstrom (SWE) 13:24
2nd Anna Haataja (FIN) 13:42
3rd Weronika Cych (POL) 13:43
47th Róisín Long (IRL) 16:33
59th Aoife McCavana (IRL) 16:58
70th Niamh Corbett (IRL) 17:39

1st Tobia Pezzati (SUI) 12:57
2nd Krzysztof Rzenca (POL) 12:58
3rd Riccardo Scalet (ITA) 13:16
29th Niall McCarthy (IRL) 14:21
78th Jonathan Quinn (IRL) 16:13

You can see full results for the Sprint race here:!726#!/view.aspx?cid=A048FE984472B8BD&resid=A048FE984472B8BD%21730&app=WordPdf


Sprint Start-Times (Friday 25th Oct – Irish time):


15:25 Paul Pruzina M16
15:37 Niamh Corbett W18
15:40 Caoimhe O’Boyle W16
15:47 Peter Meehan M16
15:55 Niall McCarthy M18
15:58 Aoife McCavana W18
16:26 Jonathan Quinn M18
16:30 Róisín Long W18

Full start-lists can be found here:

Good Luck!

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