Events this coming weekend

Orienteering in Cavan, Galway and Cork this weekend!  All events are suitable for beginners, ask at registration and someone will assist you.

Any questions email


Sun 26 Feb:  Deer Park Forest Cavan Leinster League/No. 2
Sun 26 Feb:  Kilcornan Wood Galway Non-league / ‘Come-and-try-it’ Event/
Sun 26 Feb:  Spike Island Cork Cork Brass Monkey Winter League / Family Day/No. 9


Sun 26 Feb, Deer Park Forest
Venue: Deer Park Forest, Virginia, Cavan
Club: Fingal
Event: Leinster League/No. 2
Start Times: 11:00-13:00
Grid Ref.: N 604 873
Follow Signs From: N3 Main St; Virginia
Contact 046 9074711 /

Car parking and registration is at the lakeside, outside Virginia College, the following is Google Maps link to the car parking location,-7.0846235/@53.8311891,-7.0848166,18z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e0

Road signage to the event carpark will be from the junction of Main St and New St in Virginia village.

The Start/Finish is 800m from the carpark, (10 mins walk) and crosses the edge of the Golf course. Orienteers MUST give way to golfers and WALK while crossing the golf course.

Refreshments will be provided at the event.

YELLOW       1.9K,  Climb 25m  9 Controls.
ORANGE       3.3K,  Climb 35m,  9 Controls.
RED              4.5K, Climb 50m,    11 Controls
L/GREEN      4.2K, Climb 90m,    14 Controls.
GREEN          5.2K,  Climb 120m, 15 Controls.
BLUE*           7.7K,  Climb 150m, 17 Controls.
Brown*         9.3K,  Climb 210m, 21 Controls.

*Blue and Brown include a map exchange. The 2nd map is on the reverse of the first. The 2nd map starts with last control from the 1st side of the map.

Sun 26 Feb, Kilcornan Wood
Venue: Kilcornan Wood, Clarenbridge, Galway
Club: WEGO
Event: Non-league / ‘Come-and-try-it’ Event/
Start Times: 11:00-12:00
Grid Ref.: M 415 195
Follow Signs From: N18 / L4102 Junction @ Clarenbridge
Contact 087 6745595 /
Sun 26 Feb, Spike Island



Spike Island, Cork Harbour, Cork
Club: BOC
Event: Cork Brass Monkey Winter League / Family Day/No. 9
Start Times: 10:30-13:00
Grid Ref.: W 800 650
Follow Signs From: Kennedy Pier; Cobh
Contact 021 4546194 /

SPIKE ISLAND, from Kennedy Pier, Cobh Square (W800650)

Ferry times & fees from,

Start within the Fort and use Fort, Ramparts & Moat.  Cork Brass Monkey Winter League & Family Day

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