Using MapRun app for Orienteering

Downloading and Signing up to MapRun App

1Search for ‘MapRun’ app in Google Play or App Store
2Install MapRun on your smart phone.
3The first time you use it you will be asked to enter your name, email, year of birth and Postcode. This information is used to display results. You don’t have to use all your real details. Only enter the first part of your postcode.
After installing the MapRun app you need to add in your User Details.
To use MapRun you need to select and download your event.

To use MapRun to Orienteer
1Connect to wifi or data  to select and download your event. You don’t need to have data on while you are doing the course but you must have location ON
2Events are listed by Country, so pick ‘Ireland’ from the list and then your county and event.
3It is best to have your phone fully charged before you start.
Ready to go ….
1When you are ready select ‘Go to Start’, this will show you the location of the start triangle
2The app will show your track (in red) as to you go the  Start Triangle, but this will disappear once you begin
3Your phone will beep when you are in the Start location and your timing will begin. It will also beep at each control and the control circle will turn green
4When you have visited each control in order go to the Finish (double circle), your timing will stop.
When you are ready to start your MapRun course choose Go to Start.
There are different ways to view your MapRun course.
Using the App during the course
1Zoom in and out to view your entire course
2You have 3 viewing options, ‘flag’ to see map, ‘clock’ to see your progress and ‘3 bars’ to see the GPS details
3Options and Settings’ can be set before you Start’, but not during a course, you have to exit the course to change settings.
1After the Finish the app will ask if you want to upload results. You can wait to do this when you are in a wifi area.
2You can also view all results for the course and compare how you did on each leg with your friends.
Your MapRun result may be uploaded and viewed.
Another option with MapRun is to have Check Sites events where you use a code to access a course.
Checksites events
1This is an event where you enter a pin code to access the map. Usually this is used to trial events before they are made public
2From the MapRunF home screen, select the Menu bar at the bottom right
3Pick Check Sites & enter 6 digit pin. Wait for a moment for the map to upload
Orienteering in Ireland
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