Covid 19 and Orienteering update

Following the significant change in Covid19 restrictions last month, Orienteering Ireland have the following updates for Clubs and Orienteers.

Code of Conduct, Covid Declaration or Event Guidelines

The Participant Code of Conduct, Covid Declaration and Event Guidelines are no longer required. We all know it is still important to be mindful of our behaviour, and the advice is still to observe HSE guidelines with regard to Covid19. Be respectful of others who may wish to be more careful.

The pre-entry system will be updated to take these changes into account but be patient about when it will happen.

Return of refreshments, prizegiving, displayed results

We can all look forward to the return of refreshments, prizegiving and post-event socialisation.

Event  pre-entry.

The pre-entry system was introduced for Covid reasons many months ago. It was a big change in our normal habit of turning up on the day of an event.

There are a lot of advantages to continuing the pre-entry system. It is certainly appreciated by the club treasurer, results person and the start team. But, it is up to each club to decide if they want their event to use the Orienteering Ireland pre-entry system.

For the moment the transaction fees are covered by Orienteering Ireland. This may not continue indefinitely; it will be reviewed at the end of August.

Many clubs who do use the pre-entry system also have a small number of Entry on the Day maps. Clubs can decide themselves how they want to charge for such entries or even if they want such an entry.

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