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Ór 4.3.10 is out now

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Like a bus, you wait ages for Ór updates and two come along in the same month.

Ór 4.3.10 is out now.

It includes two feature improvements plus one existing feature I had forgotten to document:

1. Download Start Box. Ór will now discard start punches from previous events. It does this based on day, week and discontinuities in the space-time continuum. This is useful if somebody forgets to clear the start box's backup memory between events.

2. Road Crossing now supports out-and-back crossings where a pair of controls are used to get competitors safely across a road and then back again - see the attached example. Note how the controls are configured in Ór for the course - the R-C control is the control AFTER the crossing and they must be in the order of the crossings.

3. Import downloads via SIConfig. This was in the last release but I had forgotten about it. You can download the Download box's backup memory using SIConfig and import it into Ór. Why might anyone want to do this? Some examples include, laptop fails, master station cable breaks, training event where you don't want to bring a laptop. The Download box will need a working battery (many don't as they are powered by the laptop). Also, you will need to edit the file from SIConig if the Download box has not been cleared between events.



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