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Hi All

Quick query about the Irish Junior Orienteering Selection Policy.  First congrats to all those who were selected for EYOC & JWOC.  I know it is disappointing for those who are not selected but as we all know the Selection Policy is there to ensure all athletes are treated equally and fairly ..... or so I thought!

Athletes endeavour to meet the selection criteria put forward by the Junior Selectors in the policy issued by those Selectors annually - this is a huge commitment from athletes and their families and comes at no small time and financial cost but is part of what we do.  Families fundraise to support our young athletes with great support from the wider Irish orienteering community throughout the year.  

How can an athlete be selected to represent Ireland with having in any of the selection races (even those listed as a MUST ... and I quote from the Selection Policy \"selection will be based on the results of the compettions listed below - minimum of 3 results\") nor the time trial.  Of course athletes are sometimes injured/fall sick/or exams get in the way but they are an active part of the squad and that should all be taken in to account.

I have tried this week to seek clarification on this but have failed so can someone please explain how an athlete who does not meet ANY of the criteria can still be selected to run for Team Ireland. 

I can ask this as we have no juniors in our house anymore (so it isn\'t sour grapes!) but I am sure there are young (and not so young) athletes and their families who would be interested in the answer.  

Rosemarie O\'S-H

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I can\'t find this years selection policy for JWOC. Would someone be kind enough to point me towards it?

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We the selectors are 100% happy that the selection criteria were followed in the case of the 2019 JWOC team. The selection criteria allow for an athlete to miss some or all of the designated races provided they communicate with the selectors and provide alternative results to prove that they have achieved the appropriate standard. We are allowed to enter 6 M20’s and 6 W20’s in JWOC team and actually have not used our full complement in either case.


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