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IOC 2022

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Adding my thanks for all the planners/organisers/controllers and extended team for a wonderful weekend's orienteering. So great to be back to 'normal' championships - sunshine, quality maps, catching up with old friends!


Hopefully we'll get to see Routegadget of the Classic (& Middle) - would be great to know whether people went north or south around the lake for the longer courses.




Thanks a million!

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Indeed. Thanks to all involved in another excellent weekend of orienteering. The hours of effort put in were obvious, not to mention all the hassle around the Covid postponements. It was worth the wait!

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Echo all the sentiments above, a great event with weather to match - well done to all in the South West!


On a related notes, thanks to all who donated to the Junior Squad Fundraiser(s) and all those who donated cakes or offered their time and help. In total, we raised over €1100, which is a massive amount for the squad. It is greatly appreciated!

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Thanks to everyone involved for a wonderful weekend of orienteering, thoroughly enjoyed by the whole family.

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Routegadget for IOC middle is up. Thanks to all involved for publishing it. My route is up.

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