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EYOC and JWOC Team Selections 2024

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Hi all,
Drum roll please.....
The selectors met last night and considered the runners and their results of the selection races over the last few months. The following people have been selected to represent Ireland in the European Youth Orienteering Championships and the Junior World Orienteering Championships.
Junior World Orienteering Championships (June 29th - July 7th)
M20: Daire O'Brien, Joshua Hoare, Oscar Rowe
W20: Emily Rowe, Eve Buckley
European Youth Orienteering Championships (June 21st - June 24th)
M18: Gerry Browne, Oscar Rowe, Eoin O'Donnell, James Hottinger
W18: Eve Buckley
M16: Liam Casey, Aidan McKenna, Eanna Grennan, Liam O'Donnell
W16: Sadhbh Hassett, Fionnuala Rowe, Niamh Browne and Ellie Simpson
Congratulations to those who have been selected. Huge thanks to the selectors in making these decisions - we have great competition for places now in many age groups, so it's not easy work. These are also the largest EYOC and JWOC teams we have sent in several years, which is testament to all the hard work and effort you guys are putting in every week.
If you havent been selected this time, don't despair - the selectors noted the high standard amongst the juniors and there are several other people who could just have easily been selected if some races had gone slightly differently - sometimes, its very small margins that matter in the end. Keep up the hard work, there's still selection for JHI later in the year, and we hope to have another selection race before then (towards the end of Aug)
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Congratulations to all the athletes selected. Best wishes to the travelling teams and their coaches.

Huge thanks also to those selectors who along with Dave make all this happen. 

For those athletes who didn’t quite make it this year - keep improving. Your dedication and effort will get its just rewards. 

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