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Senior Home International in Wales this weekend

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This weekend 9th/10th September sees the Senior Home International at Merthyr Common South & Clydach Terrace, organised by SWOC, in Wales.

Best wishes to the Ireland team of Aidan McCullough, Clodagh Moran and Colm Moran (3ROC), Ruairi Short (CNOC), Cillin Corbett (CorkO), Laurence Quinn, Aoife McCavanagh, and Eadaoin McCavana (GEN), Aoife O'Sullivan (UCDO), Liam Cotter (UCCO) and Eoghan Whelan (SEVO/UCDO), and George Savell and Sarah Knight (LVO).

The courses are long and tough, on open hillside with lots of depressions and rock features: M21E 17.3k 470m climb 27 controls, W21E 12.1k 290m climb 19 controls, M20E 12.1k 290m climb 16 controls, W20E 8.4k 190m climb 13 controls. You can see the type of terrain on Routegadget from the 2021 Welsh Championships here.

Sunday's Relays at Clydach Terrace are on an old iron mining area, used for the 2022 JK Middle Distance race - see the map here.

The Veterans are off to the Forest of Dean at the end of the month, followed a week later by the Juniors who compete in the West Midlands.

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