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Rogaine Ireland 2024 24hr and 6hr

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The Rogaine this year is the 25th staging of Rogaine Ireland

Rogaine Ireland 2024 will take place on the 15th and 16th June 2024 in the Wicklow Mountains.

Entry is via the Orienteering Ireland website at the following links.
Entry for 24hr event

Entry for 6hr event

For the entry the class options are under course. For the 24hr event, there is no solo option. Teams of 2 or more. The 6hr which is fully during daylight is for individuals or teams. For veterans all team members must be age 40 or above on the day of the event.

Start time for the 24 hr event is 14:00 Saturday 15th June 2024
Start time for the 6hr event is 0800 Sunday 16th June 2024

We will be using a new ‘Rogaine’ map for the occasion. Controls will be pre-marked on this map with the control descriptions.  
The 24 hour course will also be using the ‘Lugnacoille and Glendalough’ map by EastWest Mapping. This map can be purchased at
Competitors will have to mark the controls on the EastWest map using grid reference issued at the event start, as per previous years.
The ‘Rogaine’ map will only be issued to teams on the 24 hour course from midnight during competition time, at the hash house. The map will be displayed at the start to facilitate teams planning their routes. No controls on the ‘Rogaine’ map may be punched before any team has been issued their map.

The 6 hour course will be exclusively on the new ‘Rogaine’ map and the EastWest map is not necessary.

The start will be in Oakwood forest. The entrance is at  with the start a further 15 minute drive from here along a forest road. Please allow time for parking and a short walk to the assembly.

See the Rogaine Ireland rules here

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Just one small change to the above on the 24 hour event, the new Rogaine map will be issued at the event start and not at midnight. 

We are busy planning and organising at the moment, and hope that you will find it a great event. We look forward to your entry. 

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