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Phoenix Park Summer Series 2020

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Put me in for some controversy on control 10 on L too. I had a quick word with another competitor after the finish about it, they got it ok and I was dying for a shower so I didn\'t raise it with the controller. I felt it was too low on the hill and it messed me up for 11. In the grand scheme of things it was minor.

Enjoyable course though, so thanks to the organising group in 3ROC.
I really liked the \"scan it\" feature on the map for live results, even though the upload didn\'t seem to be operational (maybe due to bad data coverage).
FinO will try that feature for our future events.

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The link for the live results was generated in Ór but we found later that it didn\'t work because, while Ór needed a \"https\", it was only generating a \"http\" itself. If it works it is pretty neat!
As to control 10, come along next Tuesday and explore the Furry Glen more, if we can go ahead in the light of the most recent Covid-19 restrictions. We are waiting for clarification from Sport Ireland but the courses are planned and ready to go. However, we\'ll probably move start times earlier as we were caught out by nightfall taking in controls yesterday evening. Starts will be from 6 pm to 7 pm; courses close 8 pm, but we\'ll have to wait and see what the situation is.
Entries are now open here and they will be open until 6 pm on Monday. If you have already entered and the event can\'t go ahead, you\'ll get a full refund: a no-quibble guarantee!
Incidentally, a couple of people on Tuesday last felt that they had run further than they had expected. When we checked the course lengths afterwards it emerged that somehow the wrong background map scale had been entered so you were right: the courses were actually 7.1, 5.8 and 3.2 km, so (a) well done and (b) apologies. For future reference, if you use an OCAD file as the background map in Purple Pen, it reads the map scale automatically; if you use another image like a JPEG for the background map, you have to tell PP what the map scale is, which is where we went astray.
John McC

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Enjoying the events so far thanks.
Where exactly is the start on Tuesday? the mailshot referred to the Northwest corner of the park which I\'m not sure is correct.

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Hi Rory - the pin on the map on the fixtures page is correct:


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looks like it will be a damp one

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