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Medieval mile in Kilkenny

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Round 4 of the SE urban series takes place in the Medieval mile in Kilkenny on Sunday 2nd February.

Parking and registration at S504554 from 10 to 12
at the entrance to the City vocational school on lower New street.
Additional parking will be on the street outside the gate (no fee).
Toilets in St Kieran\'s college (within a short walk.)
Courses  (straight line distances, 30% to get running length)
Long 6.8 km 29 controls
Medium 4.2 km 22 controls
Short adult 2.5 km 14 controls
Short 1.3 km 11 controls
Short B (non league) 1.3 km 12 controls
Anyone under 16 who is not under direct supervision of an adult whilst on the course may only run the short course. As this is a relatively small area of school grounds, we have added some extra controls to include a short B course which is non league but will keep younger orienteers engaged. Debbie hopes to set up a maze too.
The short adult course is almost entirely within the urban streets. The start for the top 3 courses will be on the east side of lower New street. Competitors will pick up their maps on the west side of the street, cross safely and then punch the start. All roads must be  crossed with care especially around church times.
The terrain is mostly detailed urban streets with a multitude of alleyways and passageways, some green parks (which may be damp) and finishing with some quick controls in St Kierans college. The new map of the Medieval mile has recently been completed by Pat Healy, Andrew Cox and Eoghan  Whelan at a scale of 1 to 5000. There should be plenty of route choice.
All maps printed by BML on waterproof paper.
It is not possible on this occasion to set the controls for SIAC so standard sport ident cards will be used.
There will be notices posted at the start of some special symbols used to make the map clearer (based on practice elswhere in Europe!)
Uncrossable roads will have a red line down the centre and mandatory crossing points (unmanned) are shown by two red dotted lines.
Fences have proved problematically because of the tags....solid black lines for unpassable walls symbol 515.000 at 50% have been used to make the visibility clearer where necessary.
The usual purple cross hatching has been used for out of bounds areas (particularly the lawn in front of the college)
Anybody using public transport should walk to the registration in 18 minutes from the railway station.
If bringing  a group, please let me know in advance to check we have enough maps. 
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Hi Andrew, thank you for the info for Kilkenny. It looks like fun! Are start times from 10 - 1 pm, as on the fixtures page? I just wanted to double-check as registration is 10 - 12. Thanks,

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Thanks to WATO and especially the Cox and Whelan families for the excellent event today Tricky orienteering with lots of route choice on a really good map

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Thanks WATO and especially Andrew for accommodating my late arrival. The map is excellent!

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Hi all,
hope you enjoyed the alleyways of Kilkenny.
Having analysed the route gadget uploads (thanks, any more?), I am happy  that most route choices, including optimum, were chosen including some I had never thought of!
I have concluded the following on the long course:
1. Leg 18 to 19..nobody chose the shortest route...any suggestions?

2. leg 7 to 8, 40 metres longer on the northern route.

3.. leg 9  to 10, you could have saved 20

4. leg 23 to 24. Firstly the control was on the wrong steps 20 metres to the NE (mea culpa, I met a priest when putting out this control) which may have affected times  from 22 to 23. On this leg however, I feel there was a shorter route which nobody took. Any ideas? It was linked to the location of control 24. I used it when collecting controls.

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