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Mahon Falls Colour coded event

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SEVO will host a colour coded event on the intricate boulder area of the Comeraghs used in 2016 for the IOC.

In the absence of a Munster league, this will be  of a similar standard. Please enter a s early as possible to faciltate printing of maps. Register here

Planner: Robert Pim. Controller: Liisa Honkasaari. Organiser: Andrew Cox

Provisional course lengths: Brown 7 km; Blue 6.2 km; Green 4.8 km; Light green 4 km; Red 4km; Orange 2.4 km; Yellow 1.9 km

Climb to be calculated. It is significant. No courses are buggy friendly. Anyone with a buggy is recommended to take the surfaced path into the waterfall. Younger runners may need some shadowing.

All maps will be on waterproof paper. The longer courses will use 1 to 7500 scale with shorter courses at 1 to 5000 due to complexity of detail on the map.

No toilets available at this venue. Try any of the following options:

Crough Coffee at Mahon Bridge. You might consider car pooling from this spot to reduce traffic on the narrow mountain road. 

Cooneys Yard here

Applegreen in Leamybrien here



There will be a Control pick exercise available for those interested after their run. This will be weather dependent. Let Dave Masterson know if you are interested.

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