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Long Strand June 23rd

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The next BOC event will be at Long Strand on Sunday next June 23, 2024.

The event will comprise 6 courses, 3 Colour coded courses: Green, Red and Orange and 3 Score courses: Long, Medium and Short.

The Score courses will not follow the normal ScoreO format.

They will be for teams of 2 and will follow the “Harris Type” format. This is probably the first time that this type of event is being run in Ireland.


To explain


Each team will start together and everyone will have identical maps. There will be ‘spine’ controls that must be visited by BOTH members in the team (but not necessarily together) and “other” controls that need only be visited by one member of the team. There will also be one last control just before the finish that BOTH team members must also visit (not necessarily together). The time of the last member of the team back at the finish will count as the team time. Controls may be visited in any order (except the last control, which MUST be the last control for each team member). It is up to the team to decide how they work out what is the most efficient way of following the rules, according to their own capabilities after they start. It’s a bit of fun!


All controls must be punched by the team

All “spine” controls must be punched by BOTH team members

All “other” controls must be punched by at least one team member

Controls can be taken in any order except the last control which must be the last control for each team member

Time penalities will be applied in the event of missed controls. (10 minutes per missed control)

Time will be the deciding factor.

Controls do not carry a points value


Course details



Course    “Spine” controls       “Other” controls          Last control

Long           8 (1-8)                    10 (9-18)                  # 19

Medium      6 (1-6)                      8 (7-14)                   # 15

Short          4 (1-4)                     6 (5-10)                    # 11


Expected winning time for the Long Score is 17.00 minutes


Colour coded courses       Length          Climb            Controls

Green                            4.5 Km          55m              13

Red                               2.3 Km          30m              11

Orange                         1.6 Km           30m               9



Entry details

Enter in the normal way via IOA website

Those wishing to do the Score events should enter individually. Teams will be sorted out at the event.


Start times will be 10.30 to 13.00


Due to recent vegetation growth full leg cover is advisable.

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