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Leinster League Event – Curragh, Co. Kildare December 4th 2022

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So, from the SportIdent website:

"The small internal battery in your SIAC is guaranteed for 2 years and should last 3 years."

They also have a form for checking the age of your card and estimating its battery condition:

Its easy to turn a spare SI unit into a battery test box, we'd also just need to print off a sign with it to explain what the various beeps (or lack thereof) mean. Maybe with the preference nowadays to run every event as SIAC, we should consider having one at our events?

Also - I think a SIAC should operate as a normal punching SI card, even if its battery is flat -  it shouldnt just stop working completely.

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Could be battery ... best to get refreshed about every 2-2.5 years (bit of an industry with the post and all that but the system works). Thanks to the CNOC team for a super event. I was sorry I didn't wear a cagoule, getting a bit soft in old age 🙂 No matter what the weather throws at us there still something very special about the Curragh. The lad I was running with spotted the memorial site in Donnelly's Hollow (bare knuckle fighter from the 1800's) so we took a little detour between 5-6 on Blue to have a look and take in some of the story. The depression is in a natural amphitheatre in itself. History is everywhere.


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Hey CNOC people - reiterating the thanks given here! I enjoyed most of it... particular joy in finding the hidden-in-a-pit-in-a-thicket ones!!

I did miss the choice on the long leg (on Blue). We had a real head-scratcher last year but the only option I could see on Blue 2-3 was to go along the main road between both sides of the golf club. Going by the finish looked similar length but much more climb... unless I'm missing something?

I hope you all dried off and warmed up, much appreciated.

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