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Irish Relay Champs - Team Formation Thread

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Hi all,

At a recent IOC meeting, it was suggested to provide somewhere for people to post if they were interested in running in the relay event, but didn't have a team to run in.

Information on the relays and team rules are here:

So: if you have a team and need an extra member, or if you are spare and looking for a team, feel free to post here and maybe something will work out!

Don't forget: team entries close on 11th April, with final team name declarations and running order declared using the forms available on the weekend of the IOC. So if you think you will have the makings of a team, you can enter by the deadline and put the actual names into the legs later. However, if you don't enter a team before the deadline, we won't be able to take a brand-new entry on the weekend, since we have to get maps pre-printed with the team numbers, gaffles, etc...


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From the planner's perspective, it's an unusually nice patch of forest. There are lovely zones, some rich with rock detail. Fun times await!



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