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First Night-O of 2023

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Despite what it says in the details for the 3ROC Phoenix Park event, the first “Dublin by Night” event this year, is in fact the Ajax night-O in St. Anne’s Park, Raheny, taking place next Saturday, Jan. 7th.

The area is mixed park/woodland which is mostly runnable.

Parking: The St. Anne’s Tennis Club car park. The car park is opposite the junction of All Saints Road and Wade’s Avenue. The car park is in two sections and registration will be the SW corner of the lower car park (furthest from the entrance). Note that the entrance and exit to the car park are one-way.

Google Maps:

@53.3716434,-6.1820254,16.93z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x48670f907dbdc7bf:0x810f2ec2065755fb!2sSt+Anne's+Park!8m2!3d53.3718307!4d-6.1793446!3m4!1s0x0:0x14203ca030b4b49c!8m2!3d53.37531!4d-6.180031"> e's+Car+Park/@53.3716434,-6.1820254,16.93z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x48670f907dbdc7bf:0x810f2ec2065755fb!2sSt+Anne's+Park!8m2!3d53.3718307!4d-6.1793446!3m4!1s0x0:0x14203ca030b4b49c!8m2!3d53.37531!4d-6.180031

Apple Maps:,-6.179254&q=Clontarf East A — Dublin 5&spn=0.002087,0.005847&t=h

Toilets: There are no public toilets.

The start and finish are adjacent to registration which will be a car in the SW corner of the lower part of the car park.

Courses: There will be a long course (c. 5 km), and a short course (c. 2.5 km). Climb is negligible on both courses. Starts from 18:00 – 19:00. Courses close at 20:00.

SI Air, i.e. contactless punching, will not be enabled.

We hope to have the maps printed on waterproof paper but if not maps will be printed on ordinary paper and bagged.

Control descriptions will be on the map and will be available loose at registration

Juniors must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their run.

We are not providing refreshments.

Anti-social behaviour: We have been informed by DCC that the park is occasionally the site of anti-social behaviour and have been requested to inform all our competitors of this. If you should be unfortunate enough to encounter such behaviour during the event, please do not approach any individuals involved, and instead contact the Gardaí and the organisers.

Online entries are open from 09:00 on Monday, Jan. 2nd. and will close at 23:59 on Friday, Jan. 6th.

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Results are now up. Please email if there are any issues.

Apologies for the small delay in starting, but the park was so busy that I had to delay putting out the controls for fear that some might go missing.



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Thanks to one-man-band Paul for last Saturday's event. Showing what's possible with effectively one person!

That said the course was superlative - never a dull moment with a lot of high-quality detail in the small piece of forest and each leg with route choices.


Class stuff.

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