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Dublin summer events

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Orienteering for everyone!
As part of the Dublin Urban O Series, GEN are organising the following Come and Try It Orienteering events:
Tuesday 2nd July: Cabinteely Park
Tuesday 9th July: Ringsend and Seán Moore Parks
Tuesday 23rd July: Corkagh Park
These events are open to all, with help for beginners!
See m"> and go to the list of fixtures for details about each event.
You can enter online (best) or enter on the day.
Note : The Cabinteely Event will not be SIAC enabled.
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Thanks very much Martin and GEN. I enjoyed running around Cabinteely Park.

As I caught up with Tivon, imagine my surprise when I saw him breezing past the controls with his SIAC. 😀
I purposely went with standard dibber based on the note at the bottom of the post above.


And here is splitsbrower link

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The St. Anne's Park event appears to be open for entries but when I try to pay for the entry, nothing happens!

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The problem with entering St. Anne's Park seems to be resolved.

Corkagh Demense appears to be open for entries but there is an inconsistency between the event formats given in the event details (Long, Medium, Short) and the options available when actually entering (Short, Score)??

There seems to be some confusion regarding the meaning of the phrase "SIAC will not be enabled". If the boxes are set to accept contactless punching then it's meaningless to say that contactless punching is not enabled, since it, de facto, IS enabled. If you do not want contactless punching to be used, then you need to turn it off on each box. It was on at both the previous events. What is problematic is the situation we had today where all of the boxes, bar two, had contactless punching enabled. That situation is a recipe for problems, such as DNF/DISQs when a competitor fails to notice that SIAC air is off on one or two of the boxes.

A few controls in these events seem to be being deliberately hidden in thick vegetation. I can't find a specific ruling about this but it is problematic. The second last control today is a good example. The competitor in front of me had quite a bit of difficulty punching the control as it was buried in the thick vegetation surrounding the tree. Because I was punching contactlessly, I was able to punch it much more easily. I would ask why this is being done? We wouldn't allow such placements in championship events, so it's hard to reconcile it being done in beginner/park events.

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For Corkagh Demense, the courses available when entering now match the event description, but although the button to Pay & Register appears to be active, it does nothing when clicked on (I've tried two different browsers).


The description for the Sport Ireland Campus event lists long, medium and short, but when entering only Long and Short are available.

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