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Castlecomer LL1 in 2023

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The 1st league event of 2023 will take place on January 15th in Castlecomer, County Kilkenny.

Please register interest ASAP via website to enable planning for the event. Entries close in 13th January at 22.00. Limited entry on the day as maps permit.

Course lengths will be available shortly. The planner and controller have both been out busy in the forest.

The full range of courses will be available.

Registration key drop and download will all be at the interpretive centre.

Toilets are also available at the centre.

The café is currently closed but we have access to the tables indoors so bring your packed lunch and you can get coffee at the coffee truck nearby.

Please note there is a charge for car parking.

Anyone planning to bring a group should indicate this by email to the organisers.



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Course lengths for Castlecomer on January 15th now published.

Brown 9km 30 controls 

Blue 6.1km 24 controls 

Green 5.5 km 17 controls

All of the above will be two-sided with a flip on waterproof paper.

Light green 4.6 km 17 controls

The 4 longest courses are at scale 1 to 7500 and will visit the Quarry area.

They will have standard pictorial descriptions.

Red course 4.3 km 17 controls

Orange 3.4 km 13 controls 

Yellow 3 km 15 controls

The 3 shortest courses are scale 1 to 5000 with text descriptions

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Thanks Andrew, Eoghan, Neil and WATO for a really enjoyable run around Castlecomer. Nice touch having the coffee van & a place to sit afterwards and catch up over a chat. Forest was really enjoyable too, great Blue course.

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Thanks! A shout out to Laura, Jana, Angela, the Storeys, Debbie and presumably some others too, events wouldn't happen without them.


Thanks also to Conall and Robert for collecting controls.

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