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Cahore Beech Leinster League March 27th

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Some further notes about the event at Cahore tomorrow.


Clocks go forward tonight, so a risk of missing the start window if you don't realise


The control circles on the 1:7500 maps (all courses bar yellow & Orange) are noticeably small. This was realised too late to rectify. Of course I know you will all manage, but it could have been better 🙂


On the brown course, controls 3 & 30 are in proximity to each other. I think there is a possibility of running to 30 instead of 3 from control 2.


Finally, there is a misplaced circle for one of the controls. It is on all courses bar the Light Green, Yellow and Orange. Control 108, at water course end, should be at the water course end! It is one of the most obvious features on the map and it will be obvious where it should be if you read the description. There will be a note of this at the start.


As controller tomorrow, please direct any grumbles, criticisms etc to me. Praise should be directed to Ian (planner) or Alan (organiser) and to Fingal Orienteers.

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It was a fantastically sunny day in Wexford for the event. Results were available from 15:20 onward after the event. Enjoyed. 

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Can I encourage everyone to upload or draw your route on RouteGadget (
Even though the map area was narrow it's fascinating for the planner & controller to see your route choices.
Even the DNFs are interesting to see what controls caused challenges.

The motto for the day; "minimise travel on sand paths"

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