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2 days of orienteering in killarney this weekend

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This weekend 23rd and 24th of March 2024 kerry-o have two events for you to enjoy.

On Saturday as part of the wander wild festival in killarney we are hosting a urban sprint style event in killarney. Killarney is a good area with lots of lane ways to create an exciting fast paced event.

It’s a come and try it event with two courses.
2.2km short( family).
4.1km expert course.

Start from 12-2pm at St marys church opposite the Plaza hotel

And on Sunday 24th March we are hosting a league event in knockreer killarney. Knockreer is a mix of parkland and woodland. An updated map will take in woodlands next to Ross Castle.

The shorter courses will be confined to the parkland-like region around the Demesne on a 1:7500 map. The longer courses (Green, Blue and Brown) will also use the woods between the Demesne and Ross Castle on a 1:10000 map. These woods have a significant amount of semi-open deciduous woodland.

Registration will be near the gate to Knockreer Demesne opposite the Cathedral

A new map has been created based on IOC Relay map but incorporating all woods from the Demesne as far as Ross Castle.

Mapping is to ISOM 2019-2 Revision 6 (Jan 2024).

Note the main symbol changes which are applicable to this map:

- New symbol: Retaining Earth wall (a brown version of retaining wall which was added in 2022)

- Uncrossable water features: 33% thinner black line for border

Planner: Liam Cotter

Brown - 8.6km, 130m, 25c
Blue - 6.6km, 90m, 16c
Green - 4.8km, 60m, 12c
Light Green - 3.5km, 80m, 13c
Red - 3.7km, 50m, 11c
Orange - 3.0km, 40m, 10c

Courses note: There is a considerable amount of flooding in the park so all forms of marshes / seasonal marshes should be avoided when considering route choices.

We you join us and enjoy this two day event in killarney.

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