Commencement of Children First Act

The Children First Act commenced on Monday 11th December 2017 for all organisations. A large amount of work has been completed by the IOA in relation to this issue. We continue to prioritise the safety of all Orienteers – young and not so young. E-Vetting and various Child protection courses have been completed at all levels. If you are in any doubt as to the requirements of this act, or the expectations of the Irish Orienteering Assocation and how it impacts on you, please familiarise yourself with the contents of the act and our Code of Ethics and Childprotection policy. The Code of Ethics and Child protection policy are available on our website – link here
If in any doubt send your queries to
We must continue to maintain a safe environment in our sport for all participants.
Attached is a letter from John Treacy outlining the expectations of SportIreland in regard to this Act.
letter from Sport Ireland

Paul O’Sullivan-Hourihan
Irish Orienteering Association

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