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MSOC 2010

Full results of todays Munster Schools Competition can be found on the IOA website. 330 young people from both Secondary and Primary schools competed [...]

Cork Schools

Congratulations to Liam, Willie, Jim and all their helpers including stalwart CorkO members. Over 300 children participated in the Cork Schools co[...]

Orienteering Stance

Thanks to Harry for permission to publish his poem (Shilo is his dog) Me, Mum and leggy Shilo arm-in-arm off-lead listening to Mahon Falls boom[...]

Munster Primary Results

The provisional results of the Munster Primary Schools event for 2009 hosted by Waterford orienteering Club are now posted on the IOA website. Thank [...]

Making Schools Maps

Please click on this link to get guidelines for drawing school maps as found on the BOF (British Orienteering Federation) website. This is a very clea[...]


Let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew Cox and I am the Development Officer with the IOA (Irish Orienteering Association). One of my roles is to [...]