What does the controller do for you? We have linked up with the NIOA for an exciting November workshop suitable for all orienteers, find out how understanding the controllers role can help you in your future events! Find out at our new 3 week free on-line workshop series, jointly arranged between NIOA and IOA, commencing Tuesday 9 November at 20:00. To register and obtain the link, email Mark at
As part of my work to get up to speed on the Junior Affairs role, I’m trying to assemble a definitive list of orienteers that want to be kept in the loop in Junior Squad activities. I’ve emailed all the Junior families on my inherited lists already, but we’ve had reports of emails going into users spam folders – it might be worth making sure you haven’t missed any
Please welcome the new Director of Junior Representative Orienteering (a mouthful, normally abbreviated to the “Junior Rep”) to the Irish Orienteering Association. David Masterson has decided to take up the role after many years of being coaxed into doing so, but mainly because he firmly believes in giving Junior Orienteering Athletes every possible opportunity to learn, improve and display their talents, both at home and internationally. Dave has been an
This is a workshop to detail what a winter physical (running) training should be and what the technical training can be for an Irish junior living in Ireland and who is interested in competing at the Junior World Orienteering Championships next year or at some stage in the future. Presenters are Josh O’Sullivan Hourihan and David Healy respectively per topic area. The workshop will take place over two evenings on
A surprisingly strong squad emerged from the enforced hibernation of lock down and a team of 21 young athletes were selected to travel to the Junior Home Internationals in Surrey. The event was excellently organised by South London Orienteers. Luxurious accommodation was provided by PGL outdoor activity centre and the Individual event at the Devil’s Punchbowl was planned to have a fiendishly steep finish up to the Centre’s woodland. It
Munster Championships – Sunday November 7th 2021. ENTRIES NOW OPENEntries for MOC 2021 are now open using the IOA entry system. Relevant course information also included. Also note the email address for any specific requests for early/middle/late start blocks. BOC look forward to you joining us for MOC 2021 November 7th. More details and entry are at Orienteering in Ireland » Official website of the Irish Orienteering Association » Glenabo, Coolroe, Knockananig Woods
This weekend a team of juniors and their supporters and mentors are heading for Haslemere in Surrey in the South of England for the Junior Home Internationals. South London Orienteers, affectionately known as ‘SLOW’ are hosting the event. The event is, for many, the first time they will don the Irish jersey and orienteer for an all Ireland team in the JHI. The JHI is the ‘Home Nations’ of Junior
The course takes place over 2 days, Friday and Saturday, the course will be completely outdoors. It will run from 9am until 5pm. It is ideal for orienteers who want to instruct others in the sport and for those working in Outdoor Education. Scout Leaders may also find this useful. More Details and a booking link is at Instructor Training Cost: €140 per person Candidates must have a basic knowledge
Entries will close tomorrow (Tues Oct 5th) for the NIOC 2021 at the Cavan Burren on Saturday 16th October. If you’ve already entered you don’t need to do anything unless your Age Class has changed. If this is the case you can amend your entry by Tuesday October 5th at –
Please welcome two new Orienteering Co-ordinators to the Irish Orienteering Association. They are Deirdre Ni Challanain and Mark Stephens. Both Mark and Deirdre are experienced orienteers and know our sport well. They will work with Aine Joyce to continue the task of promoting Orienteering and supporting clubs. Deirdre has been involved in the promotion of sports and orienteering in particular in Cork. She has worked with Local Sports Partnerships, schools