The MapRunF workshops are continuing online from this Wednesday (13th Jan 2021). These workshops are for Club orienteers who want to set up MapRunF courses for others. The workshops have been presented by Pat Healy and Eileen Young. The next one (13/1/2021) will be given by Tony Cotter. If you were already signed up for these workshops you will have received an email with a Zoom link. Email for […]
When I began to write this piece it was entitled Events for the Christmas Period but as with everything these days we have to adapt! Let’s not dwell on what could have been and focus on what’s available to do from an orienteering viewpoint all be it within 5km of home! If you are lucky enough to have one of the many permanent orienteering courses around the country near you […]
Hi again! Sadly, I’m due to leave Sweden before Christmas so this will be the last piece I share with you about my time in Sweden.  I thought it would be interesting to let you know about 2 pretty special adventures I’ve had while I’ve been here.  First off is my trip ‘up north’. Many of the Irish orienteers will probably know Anton Hallor from his time working as the […]
Riona Walsh, a PhD candidate in NUIG is undertaking research in the area of awareness of Lyme disease. She is looking for people to complete the survey. The link to the survey is below. The survey takes between 5-10minutes. An introduction to the research is provided at the link below. It is very important for all orienteers to be aware of the prevalence of the disease, the likelihood of […]
Training When I came to Sweden in August, I was lucky that Sweden didn’t have very many COVID restrictions. Therefore, training and competitions were still allowed to happen as long as groups no larger than 50 people were in one place at one time. This was really good news for me because OK Ravinen had two training sessions a week at that stage; technical training on a Tuesday, and some […]
The Senior Home Internationals, cancelled earlier this year due to covid-19, took on a new look as athletes flocked to their computers in order to race virtually!Ireland have fought good battles with Wales over the last number of years for 3rd spot, as Scotland & England battle for the true crown, some ways up the road.But this year, the opportunity for greatness arose, could Ireland rise to the challenge?With physical […]
We have a date for the first of our MapRunF workshops for Club Orienteers. The date is Nov 18th at 7pm. It is likely to last 90 mins. (We will be using Zoom). This workshop is for those who want to learn how to create MapRunF courses rather than those wanting to use MapRunF courses. The plan is that the workshop will happen every 2 weeks over 2 months. Each […]
My Job Hi again! I hope you enjoyed reading my introduction last week about my time in Sweden. This week, I thought I would let you know about my job and the great people who have taken me in and made me such a part of their family! I run for OK Ravinen (along with UCDO and my British club, Moravian Orienteers) who are a Swedish orienteering club based in […]
An introduction Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Kathryn, a 21-year-old orienteer from the North of Scotland who moved to Dublin three years ago to study Veterinary Medicine at UCD. Since then I have really enjoyed running for UCDO in various orienteering events around Dublin and Ireland. However, this year has given me a different kind of adventure. I planned to take six months off […]