The VHI orienteering competition is this weekend in the Southeast of England. The team is listed below, best of luck to them all. M35 Rob McEvoy M40 Glen Richardson, Valdas Tilunas M45 Philip Johnston Davis, Marcus Pinker M50 Terence Hoare, Angus Tyner M55 Stephen Gilmore, Billy Reed M60 Michael Burton, Val Jones M65 John McCullough W40 Fionne Austin, Toni O’Donovan W45 Sharon Dickenson W50 Caroline Murray W55 Heather Cairns, Julie
Ever wondered why you are constantly making the same mistakes week in week out? Maybe you have just accepted you are a poor orienteer and no amount of blaming the planner or controller is ever going to change that. Well, have faith, our winter workshop may make all the difference! For all levels of ability it is essential to review your orienteering training/races, identify what went wrong and think about
If you have ever wondered what Orienteers do between events… Brian Corbett from Tyndall National Institute at University College Cork (UCC) has been awarded the 2021 Institute of Physics Katharine Burr Blodgett Medal and Prize Brian Corbett, a world-leading researcher from Tyndall National Institute and IPIC, the SFI Research Centre for Photonics, has been awarded the 2021 Institute of Physics Katharine Burr Blodgett Medal and Prize. The gold medal has
In 2021, IOF is celebrating 60 years of its existence and, at the same time, it was 55 years ago when the first world orienteering championship was held.Jaroslav Kačmarčík, a long-time Czech national o-team member and founder of the Park World Tour series, has brought the idea of compiling a publication that would map all world championships between 1966 – 2021 using the eyes of their most successful participants. Their
The Junior World Championships (JWOC) is the major world orienteering competition for under-21’s. It is on every year in a different country and this year it took place in Turkey in September. The 2020 competition had been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 30 countries took part with 138 M20’s and 119 W20’s running. Several of the usual participants did not come this year because of Covid restrictions – these
What does the controller do for you? We have linked up with the NIOA for an exciting November workshop suitable for all orienteers, find out how understanding the controllers role can help you in your future events! Find out at our new 3 week free on-line workshop series, jointly arranged between NIOA and IOA, commencing Tuesday 9 November at 20:00. To register and obtain the link, email Mark at
As part of my work to get up to speed on the Junior Affairs role, I’m trying to assemble a definitive list of orienteers that want to be kept in the loop in Junior Squad activities. I’ve emailed all the Junior families on my inherited lists already, but we’ve had reports of emails going into users spam folders – it might be worth making sure you haven’t missed any
Please welcome the new Director of Junior Representative Orienteering (a mouthful, normally abbreviated to the “Junior Rep”) to the Irish Orienteering Association. David Masterson has decided to take up the role after many years of being coaxed into doing so, but mainly because he firmly believes in giving Junior Orienteering Athletes every possible opportunity to learn, improve and display their talents, both at home and internationally. Dave has been an
This is a workshop to detail what a winter physical (running) training should be and what the technical training can be for an Irish junior living in Ireland and who is interested in competing at the Junior World Orienteering Championships next year or at some stage in the future. Presenters are Josh O’Sullivan Hourihan and David Healy respectively per topic area. The workshop will take place over two evenings on
A surprisingly strong squad emerged from the enforced hibernation of lock down and a team of 21 young athletes were selected to travel to the Junior Home Internationals in Surrey. The event was excellently organised by South London Orienteers. Luxurious accommodation was provided by PGL outdoor activity centre and the Individual event at the Devil’s Punchbowl was planned to have a fiendishly steep finish up to the Centre’s woodland. It