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JFK Training results

The full results from the Primary section with over 250 competitors are on the IOA results section The rest of the Secondary resu[...]

Annual Meeting of IOSG

The annual meeting of the IOSG took place on May 26th. The purpose of the meeting was to review the 2009-10 year, to clarify structures and to set da[...]

ISOC 2010

The Irish Schools Orienteering Championships (Primary and Secondary) took place in Glengarra Wood on Thursday April 15th. The event was hosted by [...]

MSOC 2010

Full results of todays Munster Schools Competition can be found on the IOA website. 330 young people from both Secondary and Primary schools competed [...]

Cork Schools

Congratulations to Liam, Willie, Jim and all their helpers including stalwart CorkO members. Over 300 children participated in the Cork Schools co[...]

Orienteering Stance

Thanks to Harry for permission to publish his poem (Shilo is his dog) Me, Mum and leggy Shilo arm-in-arm off-lead listening to Mahon Falls boom[...]