Archive of Competition Rules and Tech Docs

This page contains archived Technical documents and old Competition Rules

Mapping Rule changes

The new Mapping Rules are contained in the two documents below;


Appendix E: Maps and Map Registration


The map registration form can be completed online or on paper.

Map Registration Form June 2013

An online version of the form is available at;


The Register of Maps since 2003 is on the IOA Mapping page, use the link below

Map Making for Orienteers




‘Old’ 2002 Rules

IOA Competition Rules of Orienteering

‘Old’ 2002 Appendix

includes Appendices on Mapping, Anti-Doping and Competition Format

IOA Competition Rules Appendices

‘Old’ 2002 Guidelines

This document has been archived, as it is superseded by the new versions above.

Planning and Controlling workshop dec 09
Planning and Controlling workshop – champs dec 09
Planning for the Elite
IOA Course standards for championship events dec 09
IOA Discussion Document Colour Course Standards Nov 09
IOA Analysis of Colour Events Nov 09
Report from IOA Controllers Course March 2009

IOA Controllers’ course, Glendalough, March 2007




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