Child Protection

Responsibilities of Orienteering Clubs

To achieve this, each orienteering club should

  1. Encourage all committee members to attend a Child Welfare and Protection (Code of Ethics) Basic Awareness workshop.
  1. Appoint a club Children’s Officer, who should attend a Child Welfare and Protection (Code of Ethics) workshop for club Children’s Officers
  1. Appoint a Designated Liaison Person (may be the club Children’s Officer), who should attend a Child Welfare and Protection (Code of Ethics) Designated Liaison Person workshop.

Safeguarding Workshops

All three workshops were developed by Sport Ireland and are certified by them. They are presented around the country by local sports partnerships.

Content of the Safeguarding 1/Basic Awareness workshop (3 hours)
  • Overview of Code of Ethics
  • Core values and guiding principles
  • Roles and responsibilities of people (coaches, club members, parents, young people)
  • Clubs and organisations policy and procedures
  • Putting guidelines into practice
  • Statutory guidelines and advice on protection of children.
Content of Safeguarding 2/Children’s Officers workshop (3 hours)
  • Communicating with young people
  • Dealing with safeguarding issues
  • Reflections on the role of the club Children’s Officer
Content of the Safeguarding 3/Designated Liaison Person workshop (3 hours)
  • Describe how the child protection system and its associated processes work.
  • List the role and responsibilities of the Designated Liaison Person in relation to protecting and safeguarding children.
  • Identify the categories and indicators of abuse.
  • Communicate with parents and/or agencies as appropriate.

Role of the Designated Liaison Person/ National Children’s Officer

National Children’s Officer IOA:  Ciarán Donaghy :

Designated Liaison Person: Barbara Foley-Fisher:

The roles of both officers can be found in the Code of Conduct documetn.

If there are any concerns about a child or someone working with a child, details of what to do can be found in ‘Safeguarding Guidance for Children and Young People in Sport’.

Risk Assessment Document

Risk Assessment Sport Ireland

Risk Assessment Template for IOA Clubs

Local Sports Partnerships

Find your Local Sports Partnership here

Below are direct links to some LSP Code of Ethics and Children’s Officer courses

Code of Conduct and Good Practice

The IOA Code of Conduct document was updated in 2020. Comments are welcome, and should be emailed to

The full document can be downloaded below.

Code of Conduct and Good Practice for Young People in Orienteering, Sept 2020

Individual sections can be viewed and downloaded from this page.

Garda vetting

Please note that garda vetting should be renewed approximately every five years. All club committee members should complete the process if they have not done so within the previous five years.

Download the two documents below, read the instructions and return by post to Barbara Foley-Fisher,

Identification documents

NVB 1 Vetting Invitation

Contact Barbara Foley-Fisher regarding Garda Vetting

Club Self Assessment Framework

To assist clubs in completing the Self Assessment a video is available below.

Video showing how to complete the questionnaire on Formsite (opens in new tab)

Sport_Ireland_Safeguarding Guidance