2011 Awards and Nominations (presented at 2012 AGM)

The winners were:
Silva Award:

Silva Award: Tommy Burke (Fingal)




Silva Trophy

Silva Trophy: Greg McCann (LVO)





Mactire Trophy

Mactire Trophy: Marcus Pinker (CorkO)





[quote]I'd like to nominate Aislinn Austin for the Mactire Trophy for her WOC races last year. It was fabulous to see her pull out such great races, qualifying for the A final and finishing in 41st place. Best wishes[/quote]
Toni O’Donovan

[quote]Fingal Orienteers would like to nominate, Jean O’Neil for the Mactire Trophy. As one of the founding members of Fingal Orienteers, she has brought Irish Orienteering to the World Stage over many years. In recent months she won the Sprint at JK in Scotland. She was 3rd at the Belgium 5 day at Christmas, 4th in the sprint at the World Masters in Hungary last year. In Croatia last year she won the 5 day event as well as the Sprint. She also did well in Slovenia. All in all, a great 12 months of achievements. Not to mention her many victories over the years, both home and away.[/quote]
[quote]I’d like to nominate Marcus Pinker for the Mactire Trophy for his ability to continue to produce excellent results.[/quote]

Mary O'Connell


Silva Trophy

[quote]Fingal Orienteers would like to nominate, Kathryn Walley Kearnes for the Silva trophy. She has been quietly working away with the junior teams, travelling all over the country and abroad. At the same time she has been constantly publicising orienteering throughout County Meath, where there is no club, by running events for the public, schools and festivals.[/quote]

[quote]I would like to nominate Ted Lucey for the Silva Trophy in recognition of the work that he has done to promote and develop Schools Orienteering in Cork and Munster. As the Mapping Officer for CSOA, he has assisted the organisation in holding numerous training events and competitions, with these schools achieving outstanding successes at Munster and All-Ireland schools level. Additionally, Ted was instrumental in the setting up of North Cork Orienteering Club in recent months, bringing orienteering to the north-Cork area once more. This new club has successfully held 6 league events since its establishment and numerous training events, and membership increases steadily with each event[/quote]
Many thanks Sharon Lucey


[quote]I'd like to nominate Frank Ryan WEGO for the Silva Trophy and the development of orienteering within Connacht and Ireland. Every year Frank leads a small team to organise the Connacht champs, every two years he runs a 3 Day event and about every four years an Irish Champs. This is such an achievement for any club. It's exceptional for such a small club, which is building a regular list of attendees from within Ireland and from abroad. In combining the empty open mountain terrain and areas of spectacular scenery Frank has developed and branded a unique orienteering experience, just think of Inishbofin as an example.[/quote]
Roxanne White

[quote]Brian Corbett for the mapping work done for the Shamrock 2011[/quote]
Mary O'Connell

[quote]Greg McCann for the Trojan work he’s done to develop the Irish junior squad.[/quote]
Mary O'Connell

Silva Award

[quote]Fingal Orienteers would like to nominate Tommy Bourke for the Silva Award. For many years Tommy has quietly worked away in the background. Organising events, both LOCs and League events. He has drawn many maps, updated most Fingal maps, organised Leinster fixtures lists, assisted in getting the IOA insurance and even though he now travels a lot, still continues to organise events, register events and gain permissions. Always coming back to attend important events and assist in promoting orienteering throughout the Fingal and Meath areas. Tommy has created or is creating 8 maps in Co. Meath and Kildare[/quote]


[quote]I'd like to nominate the Clubs and individuals that created '10 days' of orienteering in 2011 for the Silva Award. This is approximately 250 people, who were officials and helpers at the JK, the IOC and the events in between (see links of some officials and clubs at http://www.jk2011.org.uk/index.php?pg=organisation,http://ioc2011.wordpress.com/credits/the-team/ and http://www.jk2011.org.uk/index.php?pg=otherevents.) I know that group nominations are not encouraged but this series of events was a FIRST. Besides being a first in terms of the number of competitors, the events raised the standards both for competitor and organisers and involved cooperation between different clubs within the IOA and with the NIOA clubs. (* Please note I exclude those who are IOA officials and so are not eligible for this award).[/quote]

Roxanne White