Major Events Conference

The preliminary programme for the Major Events Conference is as follows;

9.00am Assembly Coffee and Scones
9.30 Review of the Leinster Three Day 2016: Sarah Ni Ruairc
10.15 Review of Irish Champs 2016: Andrew Cox
11.30 Issues from recent Irish Championship events: Liam O’Brien, Harold White
12.00 Planning Championship Courses Part 1: Brian Bullen
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Planning Championship Courses Part 2: Brian Bullen
15.30 Allocation of Start Times: Harold White
16.00 Complaints, Protests, and Jury: Harold White
1630 Discussion time

17.00 Close

There are still places available.

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European Week of Sport #BeActive

The European Week of Sport kicked off at the Phoenix Park last weekend with Orienteering being one of the sports on offer at the Sport Against Racism Irelands 20th annual event.  The weather was fantastic and many of the competitors gave orienteering a try for the first time.  Thanks to Aine Joyce for organising.  Additional Thanks to Sam, Hans and Miriam van Gelderen,  Andrew, Joseph and Paul Butterfield, Sarah Ni Ruairc and Des Doyle for helping on the day.

There was a short and mini course available.


Feidhlim King Mini 33
Innocent Mini 21
Ryan Boto Mini 37
Feranmi Mini 22
Tebza Mini 21
Mantin Mgog Mini 37
Tomiwa Mini 22
Kieran Mini 23
Akila Issa Mini 32
Subum Mini 32
Will Dononvan Mini
Jamila Mini
Laila Begein Mini
Asma Mini
Zuiraa Mini 38
Group A Mini
David Mini 23
Paulo Mini 23
Haris Short
Prefima Mplassou Short 42
Washington N Short 42
Nathan M – E Short 29
Abdul Short 43
Tairu Short
Noel Ntikasani Short 55
Eoin Dunne Short 15
Brendan Roche Short 60
Malcolm Short 65
Siva M Short 31
Tavan A Short 31
Scott Dunne Short 26
Mamam B Short 47
Michael H Short 20
Liam Doran Short 13
Shakirullan Short 62
Stephen Joyce Short 51
Paddy D Short 13
Amar M Short 19
Niall Short
Cliripin Short

Some pictures from the event:


img_0011 img_0015 img_0016 img_0026 img_0032 img_0078 img_0079 img_0118 img_0142 img_0145

Orienteering in Ireland
  • Orienteering Ireland
    Irish Sport HQ
    D15 DY62