Monthly archives: January 2008

Orienteering News

Get ready for the JK … The Northern Ireland Orienteering Association has announced that they will be hosting the 2011 Jan Kjellstrom international or[...]

Team Work

Division of Labour Probably none of us would consider orienteering a team sport. We like to think of ourselves as independent, self-sufficient, able [...]

In the Dark about Night-O?

Last Tuesday's Irish Times article on orienteering by Ian O'Riordan may unleash a flood (is that possible?) of new orienteers seeking health, fitness [...]

2008 O-Planner

The Irish Orienteer Guide to Some Major, some minor, and Some Holiday Events for 2008 It’s the time to plan your orienteering year: do you stay at[...]

e-TIO 31 December 2007

This is the first attempt at introducing TIO in electronic form since the printed version became rarer and rarer. Normally at this time of year there [...]