Ready To Go … Orienteering

The Irish Orienteering Association (IOA) has been approved for funding from Sport Ireland under the Dormant Account Scheme to provide Schools Orienteering for DEIS schools.

This project aims to bring Orienteering to DEIS schools. This will involve creating an Orienteering map of the selected schools. Training the teachers who will organise the Orienteering activities on the schools grounds. Providing the Schools with the equipment and tools to hold Orienteering activities on their own premises. The final stage of the Project will be to bring local schools to a nearby park to compete in a Orienteering Event.


Orienteering provides an opportunity for students to work both independently and together as a team. It leads to an improvement in the overall performance of students, physically, socially and academically. In Orienteering, students combine intellectual pursuits with physical exercise, enabling those who are ‘thinkers’ to use their talents as surely as those who are more physically coordinated will benefit from their own talents.

What is Ready to go Orienteering

READY TO GO ORIENTEERING aims to train and equip primary and post primary teachers with the skills and ability to teach the fundamentals of the sport to their class and provide them with the necessary resources to do this.

Each of the schools will be provided with an Orienteering Map of their school premises. This type of map is specially prepared for use in orienteering competitions. It is a topographic map with extra details to help navigation. These maps are much more detailed than general-purpose maps, and incorporate a standard set of symbols

The training courses for teachers will be run by the IOA and will  involve a mixture of classroom and outdoor exercises. At the completion of the course each teacher will be given a ‘School orienteering Kit’ to allow them to commence ‘Orienteering Games’ in the school.

I'm interested, what do I do next

Initially, Ready to go Orienteering is being rolled out to qualifying DEIS and Rapid Area schools in the Dublin, Cork, Mayo and the South East. Interested schools should get in touch with us either by the email or using the Enquiry Form .Schools that complete the expression of interest will then be contacted about available teacher training dates and arrangements will be made to map your school and deliver the resource pack.

Enquiry Form for Ready to go Orienteering

We welcome enquires from schools, include the role number of your school. Thanks.